Lesbemums: After School Playtime with IKEA [AD]


Love this – honestly, most of our playroom extension is now IKEA … I wish they did a role play shop in similar colours though to match the ‘calm’ and neutral – our current one is a bit wobbly now. Perhaps a future hack is in order instead! Looks like your little guy will get hours of enjoyment here

Such a classic, our kids have played with many a one of these kitchens, I’ll think they’ll still be going for years and years!

Amanda says:

We had one of these kitchens when O was younger – they are so adorable, aren’t they? He didn’t play with it all that often, but the other day he suddenly announced he wants to be a chef when he grows up (and that he hopes he has an awesome moustache ) so something must have sparked that!

His dad cooks way more than I do (it runs in the family, my husband’s grandad was head chef at Trinity College in Cambridge years ago). I love how play ranges allow kids to copy what they see and explore new things. Did you say Ikea have a kid’s loom? As in for weaving? I have to go to Ikea pronto, this craft loving mama needs to see that!

Hannah says:

I honestly believe play kitchens are for ages 3-103, hard to beat!

Donna says:

Wow, I love this set up for him! It all looks just like the grown up versions – he’ll be on Junior Masterchef next! x

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