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Detective Agency by Osmo #OsmoSocialClub [AD – Review]

For Easter this year, we were invited to test out another interactive kit by Osmo. This time, we tried out their Detective Agency kit. In line with Easter celebrations, they were encouraging those part of their #OsmoSocialClub to add a little Easter twist to their play. Whether it was drawing Easter Eggs via their Studio

Celebrating STEM: The Coding Starter Kit by Osmo #OsmoSocialClub [AD – Review]

Last year, we reviewed the Genius Starter Kit by Osmo, an interactive tool that integrates an iPad or Fire tablet with hands-on learning. Players use objects from the real world to interact with the digital world shown on their screen. Osmo believes in Embodied Learning through physical-digital interactions. They encourage users to learn through hands-on experiences,

Celebrating (more than one!) Mothers’ Day with Moonpig [AD]

Mother’s / Mothers’ Day is a huge affair in this family. Not only has T got two mums to contend with, but I myself have two mums that I need to shop for. We also have Sharon’s mum as well! I guess it’s no different to splitting the cost over Father’s and Mother’s Day, but

Broccoli Book Club – A Socially Progressive Podcast Analysing Timely and Thought Provoking Reads! [AD]

Broccoli Content presents Broccoli Book Club; a ‘real book club’ podcast that the audience can follow along on a month by month basis, bringing together socially relevant conversations and thought-provoking books.  The series discusses literature which pushes for inquisitive and forward thinking minds to learn something new and true to everything that Broccoli Content stands

The Genius Starter Kit by Play Osmo [AD – Review]

The leap between Reception and Year One has been quite the culture shock. This has also been amplified by the fact that T only had 6 months worth of school before lockdown occurred. Where as before T would learn a lot through play, this has been reduced somewhat and lessons are more “structured”. With this

Switching to Smart with Hive (and tips on how to make the most of it!) [AD]

We’ve been trialling a new setup at home recently thanks to Hive, in an attempt to be clever with our energy and money. It goes without saying that winter has crept up on us this year. One minute we were playing in the park in shorts, the next we’re blowing the dust off of our