Camping: Camp Bestival 2019 [AD – Press Trip]

Camp Bestival 2019 is now our third year attending the festival, and I’m going to put it out there straight away and say that it was the best one yet. The weather, obviously, helped loads, but looking back at the programme from this year I am confident to say that even if it had rained it would have still been an incredible one.

T was under two when he attended his first Camp Bestival, and now at the ripe old age of four with three Camp Bestivals under his belt I am delighted to see how he’s grown with the festival already. Each year whilst we’re driving to the festival (and lets face it, and several weeks before!) he’s telling us what food he’s going to eat, who he’s going to see, and what he’s going to play with. I love watching the excitement grow in his eyes the closer we get to the camp site.

For the last two years we’ve been incredibly lucky to be part of Camp Bestival’s blogger team, however even if this was not the case we would absolutely make Camp Bestival a part of our summer. It’s an experience like no other and worth every penny. If you haven’t been following us over on our instagram – where most of the Camp Bestival spam has been appearing – he’s what we got up to over the weekend.

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Strictly Bricks: Lego Compatible Bricks and Baseplates [AD – Review]

This month, we were recently sent some items from Strictly Bricks – a new STEM toy founded in 2014 that encourages children to learn and create using the power of construction.

T’s reached a wonderful age where he really enjoys building and creating “masterpieces”, and has a bounty of Lego in his room, but these sets can come at a cost, so when we were invited to try out an alternative we were keen to see how they compared.

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Revisiting Memories with Nixplay Seed [AD – Review]

By now you’re probably aware that we love taking photos. Our instagram is full of them because we also love to share them. From recording milestones to family holidays to moments that are too precious to forget, we want to remember them all – even more so as parents.

As two mums who are likely only ever going to have “the one” we are acutely aware that something that T does now may not happen again next week, so capturing those faces, for example, are priceless, as they’ll be gone before we know it. It’s not long now before he starts school so we’re soaking up as much as we can.

As a family who likes to share certain memories and display them proudly you can imagine that photo-frames breed like rabbits in our house, and they do, but over the past few years the space in which to store them has not. So we needed some help, and Nixplay have done just that.

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Are We There Yet? – 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy When They Travel.

This is a collaborative post

The summer holidays are almost upon us! Which means that millions of us will be jetting off for a well deserved break with the family. Lots of fun in the sun (or rain depending on your holiday location) lots of ice cream and even more memories to be made! But did you know that a high percentage of parents actually dread the travelling aspect of their holiday?

Unhappy, hot and bothered, and often inconsolable; it doesn’t matter how you travel, sometimes the little ones just struggle with the whole concept. And it’s even worse for parents who can’t console or comfort their little ones like they do at home. You’ve saved hard for your holiday – whether you’ve budgeted and lived well within your means or you’ve gone without treats for several months (for more information on debt and money management click here) so you deserve to enjoy every moment.

Here you’ll find 5 ways to keep your kids happy when they travel!

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Why Weddings Are Totally Different For Same-Sex Couples

The purpose of a wedding is to demonstrate publicly that two people have committed to becoming partners for life. They will stand by each other, no matter what the circumstances of their lives – or that’s the theory at least.

Weddings are tricky enough for heterosexual couples, but there are things that only same-sex couples have to deal with when it comes to getting hitched. Take a look at these ways that planning for a same-sex wedding is totally different.

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How to Adapt to Life as a New Mum

Becoming a parent is the most life-changing experience imaginable, so it is only natural that making the change from being ‘you’ to being ‘mum’ is going to take a lot of getting used to. During your pregnancy, you may have read all of the parenting and baby books that you could get your hands on, but nothing quite prepares you for the reality of life as a parent. From the moment that you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time, your focus shifts and suddenly nothing else really matters.

While antenatal classes can help prepare you for taking care of your baby and what to expect in terms of sleepless nights and feeds, they can’t prepare you for the tonne of hormones that hit you and the way that this massive change in your life leaves you feeling.

Becoming a parent is both the most wonderful job in the world and the toughest, and bringing your new baby home is just the start of your incredible journey as a new parent. These tips will hopefully provide you with some reassuring advice as you adapt to life as a new mum:

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