Are We There Yet? – 5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy When They Travel.

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The summer holidays are almost upon us! Which means that millions of us will be jetting off for a well deserved break with the family. Lots of fun in the sun (or rain depending on your holiday location) lots of ice cream and even more memories to be made! But did you know that a high percentage of parents actually dread the travelling aspect of their holiday?

Unhappy, hot and bothered, and often inconsolable; it doesn’t matter how you travel, sometimes the little ones just struggle with the whole concept. And it’s even worse for parents who can’t console or comfort their little ones like they do at home. You’ve saved hard for your holiday – whether you’ve budgeted and lived well within your means or you’ve gone without treats for several months (for more information on debt and money management click here) so you deserve to enjoy every moment.

Here you’ll find 5 ways to keep your kids happy when they travel!


There’s nothing scarier and more distressed than a toddler or small child with a tummy rumble! So, make sure you’re well prepared for the journey. You’ll know how long you’ll be travelling, so you’re the best judge of how much to bring. I’d recommend a packed lunch – let the child help you make the lunches, so they feel involved and excited – and then have an extra bag that’s filled with snacks that are easy to pass into the back seat! Fruit, dry cereal, crackers, cereal bars, breadsticks, crisps etc. Don’t forget a reusable bottle filled with water too!

Something Familiar.

Ideal for younger ones, if you’re going to be travelling through the night, or their normal sleeping routine is likely to be disturbed. Bring something familiar along, that will give them comfort. Either their pillow, a small blanket or a cuddly toy.

Activity Packs

You can tailor make these activity packs to the age of your child. You just need a little bag (perhaps they could personalise it before they travel?) and fill it with some simple colouring activities – don’t forget the colouring pencils – stickers, puzzles and even some little toys as a treat. I even find that a blank pad of paper and a pencil can keep them occupied for a while. Ask them to write down what they’re looking forward to the most or what they can see out of the window.

Audio Books

Before you travel, get the little ones to choose a couple of short stories that you can all listen to in the car. You’ll be amazed at how quiet the car goes when the narrator begins.

Create a Playlist

Getting your little ones involved with planning the travel will help keep them occupied and content. Put together a playlist of everyone’s favourite songs, nursery rhymes or even their favourite singalong songs that everyone can join in with. Perhaps keep this until the last leg of the journey…4 hours of Baby Shark isn’t recommended!

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