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My Top Seven of 2018

Last week, I was tagged by Lauren from Scrapbook Blog to share my ‘Top 7’ things from 2018. Like Lauren, I’m still very much in a reflective mood, and therefore feel that this is a lovely tag to finish off 2018. Hopefully.

Our 2018

As years go, this year has probably been the most emotionally draining year. It’s also been even busier what with us entering the home stretch to the world of school. I thought last year was a busy one, but as T is getting older the years seem to be passing us at the same rate

Milestones: Three Year Update

Just when I thought things can’t move any faster, our son is now Three. Comparing it to all the other years, last year especially, I am confident that this has been the fastest year yet. You’d think that after settling into our routine after T started nursery when he turned one that things would have