My Top Seven of 2018

Last week, I was tagged by Lauren from Scrapbook Blog to share my ‘Top 7’ things from 2018. Like Lauren, I’m still very much in a reflective mood, and therefore feel that this is a lovely tag to finish off 2018. Hopefully.

Favourite Posts from 2018

A list of my seven favourite posts from 2018 that meant a lot to me (as opposed to ones that were perhaps most viewed).

Kicking off the year with somewhat of a bang, I decided to share my struggles with my Mental Health. My Mental Health and Me talked about my OCD and Anxiety and how I deal with it on a daily basis. Later on, in September, I opened up again about my OCD and it felt great!

After featuring on the radio, I decided to write about my experience, visibility, and explain why we share so much online.

T turned three in April, which meant we had a mammoth update to follow with T’s Three Year Update! I’ve probably already said this, but having a three year old has been all kinds of fun.

Just before T turned three, we had already been asked countless times about when we were going to have another. This prompted a very direct post about having ‘Just The One’.

Our Holiday to Dorset was probably one of our highlights, if not THE highlight, of 2018. It was just what was needed after a rough few months and we ended up having the best time.

Dorset will always remain dear to us, with family living there as well as it being the home of Camp Bestival, but what we love the most is how family friendly it is. If it’s not the gorgeous sandy beaches, it’s places like Monkey World that keep bringing us back.

Our ‘Day in the Life’ photoshoot was probably one of our more visual posts of 2018, but it will be one we will hold dear for years to come. It opened our eyes to the beauty of the every day and showed how lucky I am to have such an amazing family.

7 Things I Loved The Most About 2018

  1. T getting more confident in himself and hearing him talk a lot more (honestly!) where we can have a decent conversation.
  2. Our new sofa which made our lounge complete after a weekend of DIY.
  3. Seeing a lot more family and friends.
  4. Getting a new car! A spend that we weren’t expecting, but after our third sudden breakdown it was time to get rid of the beast.
  5. Switching off and simply reading.
  6. Travelling. From Dorset to Birmingham, 2018 was certainly one for travelling!
  7. LGBT Visibility in the media. Although we have a long way to go, 2018 saw several new diverse books on our bookshelves as well as families appear in commercials.

7 Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2019.

  1. Holidays. We have two booked already, not including Camp Bestival, and we cannot wait.
  2. T starting school. Although it will be with a heavy heart, it’s also incredibly excited to see T start this new chapter in his life.
  3. Reading new books.
  4. Getting back to the gym to help with my mental health and general fitness. I will most definitely still be enjoying a slab of cake or two!
  5. Clearing the loft and selling stuff at boot sales (likely to go towards more stuff!)
  6. Switching off.
  7. Sorting the garden ready for BBQ season.

7 Blogs/Bloggers I’ve Thoroughly Enjoyed Following This Year.

  1. Hannah from HiBaby Blog /
  2. (Another) Hannah from Make, Do & Push! / @makedoandpush
  3. Gill from A Baby On Board / @Gill_Crawshaw
  4. Ky from Snapshot Adventures / @snapshotadventures
  5. Lauren from Scrapbook Blog / @scrapbook.lives
  6. All The Joie / @allthejoie
  7. Nyomi from Nomipalony / @Nomipalony

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