We Are The Mums Who…

This week, we were kindly nominated by Lauren to join in on a feature called “I am the mum who…” which depicts what kind of mums we are. Seeing as there are two of us, we both wanted to get involved!

We don’t usually do these sorts of things, but this one stuck out as it gave us the opportunity to do something different and think outside the box.

We are the mums who…

  • Are better together than apart.
  • Will likely buy every school photo and record every school play.
  • Will always put their sons needs first, even if it means having to formula feed one day.
  • Miss the cinema.
  • Didn’t think they’d fit in/have anything in common with other mums.
  • Already know how they’ll spend a lottery win.
  • Didn’t want/think about kids before meeting each other.
  • Constantly make lists to combat baby/mum brain.
  • Look forward to T playing with his cousins, something K never had.
  • Have put haircuts on the back-burner as they take too long for T’s patience.
  • Often wake up in the night just to check on T.
  • Have learnt to take showers in 15 minutes or less.
  • Are constantly being surprised by T and the ways of parenting.
  • Hate having to walk through second hand smoke (stolen from Lauren as it’s true).
  • Miss buying new Xbox games.
  • Are surprised by what we can do on little sleep.
  • Look like they have dirty necks thanks to the sun.
  • Will make Christmas T’s favourite time of year.
  • Work as a team when I comes to feeding, especially at night.
  • Are in heaven when we’re together as a family, in bed on Saturday/Sunday mornings.
  • Still can’t believe we have a child.


What kind of mum(s) are you Kirsty & Clara, Sarah, Amber? We’d love for you to join in (if you want to, of course!)

K & S

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