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  1. This really resonates for me. Or just been wanting the to time to flow as quickly as it could, to get is closer to a solution to our TTC woes, to get us to our donor back in NZ, to get us a new donor through the clinic system, then to find a 3rd donor and them through the system. Then a 4th donor and for that to all work out. Then once we finally got that sorted (3 years after conceiving & losing our first pregnancy) we had to wait (luckily only 2x TWW) to get pregnant again. Then wait to see if I would miscarry again. Now I finally feel like we’ve stopped waiting. We hear the baby’s heartbeat on Doppler yesterday at 11w,2d and we have our 12w ultrasound this Friday. Our baby is alive!! I feel like I can finally enjoy this pregnancy. (Thanks for the concept – I might steal this idea for my latest overdue blog post.) Yippee for us all relaxing into a pleasant wait.

    1. Gosh. There’s me complaining about how time has killed me – I cant imagine what you guys went through. Time must have really dragged! Im so sorry.

      At the time, everything moves at a snail pace, however looking back i guess it seems to have flown by now. Its bizarre.

      Im really looking forward to reading about the joys of your pregnancy. Although I cant wait for little one to arrive, I’ll happily wait just to read about every second that you’re enjoying.

      Steal away! X

      1. Oh lawd I just re read my comment and the typos are atrocious! (Shame) I’m going to blame it on the fact that I was on my phone sitting in full summer sunshine and oculus barely see what I was writing. Guess you got the general gist though. 🙂

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