Things People Don’t Tell You… About Trying To Conceive a Gayby.

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  1. AndiePants says:

    3) Cervical Mucus will become an everyday topic similar to “How was your day?”. What once was a private bodily fluid that your partner would never need to see will be analyzed, logged and written down FOREVER and referred back to over and over and over again.

    YES. YES. A thousand times YES.
    I’m so totally with you on all of these!
    Did y’all decide to take a month off to track/are you finding a new donor?

  2. No – we’re too scared. lol. We don’t want to miss any chances by missing a month. I think we’ll just have to leave it be and go with the flow. At the end of the day, if I am, then I am – no BBT’s are going to tell me.

    We’ve just done an insem as it was going to be spot on ovulation – so I was sure as hell not going to miss it.

    In regards to Donor, he’s redeemed himself by being sweet and confirming that he’ll be with us until we conceive amongst other things. He’s also made an effort and read up on lots of things and is now fully aware that ovulation is a window and not just one date per say. He’s a god lad.

  3. opinionisallsubjective says:

    I must say I stumbled across this post and it made me laugh with how true it really is. Especially in my house no’s 10, 9 and 3 are definitely true. Good luck for the future and I hope you get your BFP soon 🙂 XOX

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