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  1. Good Luck!

    1. lesbemums says:


  2. The clinics day the best quality is if they have a maximum period of 3 days abstinence beforehand, but no less than 2 days. So if you want to do the first insem on a Monday night at 8pm, then they ejaculate Fri night, then do not ejaculate again till you need the goods. Then, don’t do another insem for 48 hours minimum. That way it gets time to build up again. So it’s best to do your first try a couple of days before you think you will ovulate – so it’s in there waiting. Then do another right before or at ovulation. Well that would be my plan of attack anyway 😉

    1. lesbemums says:

      I think that that’s what we have planned this cycle, thankfully. It’s just getting the right timings which is difficult when you need to plan in advance. Thankfully D is amazing and is available when we needed him.

      Hope you guys are well!


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