The Bullet Journal Diaries: Reasons Why I BuJo

*Information from a press release by Cartridge Save*

We are already a quarter into 2017, which means I’ve stuck to Bullet Journalling for a whole 3 months! I would have hoped this would have been the case, but with busy schedules it’s actually pretty tough to find time to sit down and properly update the BuJo.

Don’t getting me wrong, I’m sad to see that a couple of pages have fallen to the wayside as I really don’t have time to sit and draw things, for example, and certain challenges I set myself (a book a month, as another example) have also slowed right down, but nevertheless, I’ve still managed to keep up with the main diary body and I’ve made use of the other pages I’ve created to help me plan ahead.

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The Bullet Journal Diaries: 50 List Ideas

Having a bullet journal can get a bit overwhelming very quickly. You have all these wonderful ideas or save hundreds a few pins from Pinterest, and in no time you’re up late still designing a page that realistically you’re not going to use. You lose track.

Once I’d tamed my excitement, I drafted in pencil ten pages I’d like to have in my journal. These pages were outside the weekly diary sections and sat at the back of the book. That way, they were definitely segregated into the “fun” area.

Plus, being at the back meant there was not as much pressure to get these pages done as there was to get the diary sections done!

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The Bullet Journal Diaries: My Kit

Before I started my bullet journal I was quite lucky to already own a large collection of stationery. Pens and pencils were in their dozens, and I already had odd bits of kit like a ruler and a compass. I still, however, wanted to get some brand new items to start a fresh – not that I really need an excuse to buy more stationery.

I’m not an expert, but here’s what my bullet journal kit looks like incase you fancied giving it a go. I haven’t had to add anything along the way, and I’ve used everything in this list so far.

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The Bullet Journal Diaries: The Beginning

The tail end of last year, I found out about a thing called a ‘Bullet Journal’. I was completely oblivious to it and had no idea what it was until I started looking at examples on Pinterest and Instagram.

I’ve always enjoyed planning and making lists. It makes me feel organised and less cluttered upstairs. I have enough going on up in my head without to-do lists and reminders clogging up the paths. For me, I need to get stuff out of my head and onto paper.

To combat this, I have always had a diary and an endless supply of post-it notes, so when I started looking at various Bullet Journals I was blown away.
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