The Bullet Journal Diaries: My Kit

Before I started my bullet journal I was quite lucky to already own a large collection of stationery. Pens and pencils were in their dozens, and I already had odd bits of kit like a ruler and a compass. I still, however, wanted to get some brand new items to start a fresh – not that I really need an excuse to buy more stationery.

I’m not an expert, but here’s what my bullet journal kit looks like incase you fancied giving it a go. I haven’t had to add anything along the way, and I’ve used everything in this list so far.

My Kit

Journal : Leuchtturm1917 – £15

Probably my most prized possession, although not a necessity. You can start a bullet journal with a plain jotter!

I decided to go with this one as the brand gave me the option for dotted pages which I really liked. There were also options for lined, plain, or squares, but dotted meant that pages look plain but you still had that guide for equal sized boxes, etc.

Fine line pens: Staedtler – £6

These were also a treat to myself as I had a few fine line pens lying around the house. I’m glad I got these though as my current ones actually bled and weren’t that permanent as soon as tippex got involved!

Fine line pens, in my opinion, are a must if you want to doodle or add finishing touches to borders and banners.

Colouring pencils: Wh Smiths – £5.

Probably my cheapest purchase in price and quality. These are okay, however I will be looking out for better ones once I get some pocket money. These ones are quite waxy, which makes shading a bit difficult. Plus, I sometimes have trouble writing over the pencil.

Thin felt tip pens: Papermate, Flair – £7.99

In comparison to general colouring in pens these are really smooth and because they’re verging on fine line you can colour in intricate detail. 

Plus, the colour is really bold without it bleeding through the paper. 

Pencil case: ASDA – £1

You may also need…

  • Tippex (a life saver for when you keep writing ‘2016’) – I do advise getting one with a ball point attachment so you don’t have to brush over bits that don’t need covering.
  • A Ruler
  • A Rubber
  • A Compass (hear me out, they’re good for neat circles!)

I’ve sneakily used some extra bits along the way such as T’s thick felt tip pens; as I realised they were water-based which means they acted like a highlighter, but apart from that the kit I have meets my needs.

When I get more confident, or maybe for next years journal, I may start cutting things out or even folding pages for more room!


Do you bullet journal? Share some of your tips below!

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3 thoughts on “The Bullet Journal Diaries: My Kit

  1. Alana says:

    Bullet journalling looks like a great way to keep on top of things – and I love the idea of a when did I last list rather than to do!

    • Kate Everall says:

      Thanks! This is why I chose it. It makes it a bit easier to follow than something that tells you what to do.

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