The Bullet Journal Diaries: Reasons Why I BuJo

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We are already a quarter into 2017, which means I’ve stuck to Bullet Journalling for a whole 3 months! I would have hoped this would have been the case, but with busy schedules it’s actually pretty tough to find time to sit down and properly update the BuJo.

Don’t getting me wrong, I’m sad to see that a couple of pages have fallen to the wayside as I really don’t have time to sit and draw things, for example, and certain challenges I set myself (a book a month, as another example) have also slowed right down, but nevertheless, I’ve still managed to keep up with the main diary body and I’ve made use of the other pages I’ve created to help me plan ahead.

There’s lots of reasons why I decided to create a Bullet Journal, and according to Cartridge Save65% of people want to take some time away from the internet and their phones at some point and one of the ways this is done is getting into an offline hobby such as bullet journaling.

Reasons Why I Chose to BuJo


There’s a lot going on upstairs in my head. I have everyday to-do lists for the week, to-do lists for the future, things I want to do and see, wish lists, you name it. I also like logging milestones and achievement  like new films I’ve seen or books Ive read. But because every day tasks got in the way I often ended up forgetting what I wanted to do the next time I was near somewhere, for example.


Similar to the above, by getting a lot of the things in my head out and onto paper it means I feel more relaxed. On top of getting organised, my bullet journal is also a good place to have fun. Although they take some time to keep up with, I found having a daily doodle, or a ‘Year in Pixels’ page adds fun to the Bullet Journal, which means it’s not all lists and dates!

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Get Organised!

Setting pages up for the rest of the year means I can plan ahead and think about the things I’d like to do or need to be done! It means things don’t get forgotten or lost on that little scrap of paper.

On one of my double spreads I have a plan of our house, and within each ‘room’ I have a massive to do list detailing the things that need to be done in the room. Another example is creating meal planners, or a TV series tracker.

Looking at the survey by Cartridge Save it seems I’ve not alone when it comes to BuJo, others also agree that they’re are designed in such a way that they not only are aesthetically appealing but also fulfil a user’s needs.


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