The Bullet Journal Diaries: 50 List Ideas

Having a bullet journal can get a bit overwhelming very quickly. You have all these wonderful ideas or save hundreds a few pins from Pinterest, and in no time you’re up late still designing a page that realistically you’re not going to use. You lose track.

Once I’d tamed my excitement, I drafted in pencil ten pages I’d like to have in my journal. These pages were outside the weekly diary sections and sat at the back of the book. That way, they were definitely segregated into the “fun” area.

Plus, being at the back meant there was not as much pressure to get these pages done as there was to get the diary sections done!

Although I’m confident I’ve got the main body of my journal set out, I’m still finding new things to track that I think would genuinely come in handy.

Here are a few list ideas:

Bucket List.
Life Timeline.
Motivational Quotes.
Daily Positives.
Sleep Log.
Yearly Goals.
Holiday Wish List
Daily Routines.

Shopping & Money
Personal Wish List.
Weekly/Monthly Spending Tracker.
Weekly/Monthly Spending Budget.
Savings Tracker.
Bills to Pay.

Films to watch.
TV Series to Watch.
TV Series Tracker.
Books to read.
Books Read.
TV Schedule.

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Household Chores.
DIY to-do.
Kids Chores.
Wish List.
School/Nursery Schedule.
Christmas Card List.
Rainy Day Activities.
Favourite Places.

Stat Counter.
Post ideas.
Promotions Schedule.
Brands you want to work with.
Useful Websites.
Blogging Goals.
Income Tracker.

Meal Planner.
Food shop list.
Favourite Meals/Recipes..
Calorie Counter.
Water Meter.
Alcohol Meter.
Fridge/Freezer Inventory..
Restaurants to Visit.

Doodle area.
Brain Dump.
Mood Tracker.
Things That Make Me Smile.

Daily steps.
Weight loss.
Calorie Counter.

These are far from what I currently have in my bullet journal, however they’re there to show you the endless possibilities to making your bullet journal perfect.

What do you have in your journal?

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2 thoughts on “The Bullet Journal Diaries: 50 List Ideas

  1. Hannah says:

    Would you believe that I’m only just looking through your bullet journal links you kindly left me! Your pages are amazing, you clever thing! I can imagine this being time consuming but also incredibly therapeutic. I do worry though that the perfectionist in me, will freak out when I make mistakes! Still, I’m going to give it all a try x

    • Kate Everall says:

      It can be incredibly time consuming if you let it. I like making pretty pages as, like you said, it’s therapeutic. So I enjoy taking that time to set up my month and any other pages I need. But it’s not gospel. You can make it as haphazard as you like or make it as plain as you like. Good luck! If you’re going to document anything I’ll love to follow. X

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