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The Great LGBTQ UK Business Directory!

You may remember in 2019, I created our ultimate list of LGBTQ Bloggers, Influencers and Content Creators. This was in an attempt to diversity people’s social media feeds as well as quash any excuses when it comes to including LGBTQ people in brand campaigns and promotions. I’d lost count how many times I’ve seen a

30+ Books That Celebrate Family Diversity and LGBTQ Inclusion for Young Children

I’m a firm believer that children need to see themselves within the society that they’re living in. The earlier the better. Likewise, just as much as children need to see their identity and culture reflected, children also need to have access to society via a proverbial window. It’s vital if you want to offer a

How To Create an LGBTQ-inclusive Workplace Environment.

Every person should be able to live their most authentic life both inside and outside the workplace. Not only does every employee deserve a safe working environment, but it encourages productivity! An Oxford study in 2019 showed that employees who are happy at work are 13% more productive. However, according to Stonewall, more than a

25+ Incredible LGBTQ Charities to Support this Pride Month (and beyond!)

Charity work is vital when it comes to raising awareness on any topic. With a regular issue in government funding and attitudes, charities are often the main bodies to push forward new law and legislation. They also work to improve the lives of LGBTQ people. Without LGBTQ+ charities, we wouldn’t be where we are today

Our Top LGBTQ Documentaries

During the past two years, physical Pride events haven’t existed. Our community have had to find other ways to feel connected. Equally, those who aren’t “out” or do not wish to attend Pride events, find other ways to learn and celebrate. Thankfully, lots of charities and organisations made their own arrangements for Pride during the

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting LGBTQ+ Kids

Part of supporting LGBTQ+ kids is understanding the different concepts behind gender identity and sexual expression, and the issues or feelings your child might be experiencing, so that you can have conversations with them as and when these issues arise. Whether your child has recently come out or you wonder if perhaps they might identify