Days Out: Drusillas Park, East Sussex. (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

Drusillas Park is situated near the village of Alfriston between Eastbourne and Brighton and has a lovely ‘local’ feel to it despite it being quite a large zoo. We’re huge fans of zoos in this household – we’ve always enjoyed watching animals and how they interact. So when we were invited to come visit last weekend, we couldn’t wait to visit.

We have visited Drusillas Park before and have always had a nice time, so we were really excited to find out that they’ve recently had a few new additions to the zoo. These include; marmosets, otters, Macaques, and meerkats!

It was lovely to see all the young animals in the park – they were all so so adorable. It took T some time to focus on the little ones, especially when they were camouflaged so well, but once he found them he kept pointing and squealing.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to stop and listen to any of the talks that were occurring throughout the day, but we were impressed that there was always something going on.

T’s favourite animals from the day were definitely the lemurs and the bats.


I think this was down to the fact that both enclosures were walkthrough enclosures, so it was really interactive. The bat enclosure was especially interactive with our noses!

We arrived just after 10am and spent a good 2-3 hours casually walking around the zoo – there really is plenty to see and do. Our friend’s children really enjoyed collecting stamps, using their spotters guides, and reading the tour guide.

After the zoo, we were definitely ready for some lunch. Although we bought a picnic ready to feed an army, the cafes surrounding the picnic area served a variety of food and drink. I really appreciated the amount of seating available – which you’d think by lunchtime would have been packed but we still managed to find a quiet table away from the hustle and bustle.

In addition to the babies, Drusillas have also installed a new water park for the summer, which is perfect for T who is a complete water baby. We explored this once everyone had digested their lunch.

This was by far one of T’s favourite part of the day as he could just let loose and enjoy the water on what was a really hot day. There was a huge variety of water canons and fountains, all ranging in speed, and because of the variety available you didn’t have issues with the bigger kids hogging anything.

The area itself is really spread out and considering it was the weekend (and the summer holidays) it wasn’t that busy – or at least it didn’t feel like it due to the amount of space available.

After the water park (and getting T changed!), we explored the soft play area, the adventure parks, and the Thomas train ride which travels around the majority of the park!

These features have been around for a long time (although you wouldn’t know it) as they never get tiresome. Me and S T really enjoyed climbing in the soft play arena. T was sadly a little too small for the Hello Kitty adventure park, but we’ll be sure to revisit it when he’s a little taller. Our friends children seemed to enjoy it as they went on each ride at least three times!

By 5pm we were ready to head home, although not before going to the gift shop! There’s three on site depending on where you are in Drusillas. T was treated to a little soft monkey and we treated T’s friend to a little gibbon as that was his favourite. We thought we’d make the most out of T not knowing what a gift shop is!

We had a wonderful time at Drusillas and will definitely revisit soon – we’re even contemplating memberships just so we can visit the adventure and water parks! Drusillas also have a number of special events and appearances happening.

T definitely enjoyed himself as we hadn’t even reached Alfriston before falling asleep!


We were provided with a family ticket to attend Drusillas, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Days Out – Packing With a 4 Month Old. 

When we decided to go to Eastbourne air show for the day I didn’t think we realised how much we’d actually need to take with us to be prepared. A 4 month old is a tiny thing, all they do is eat, sleep and poop. Right? No. They’re you but waaaay more vulnerable.

Although technically we have everything if we just take my boobs and some nappies, but you absolutely need other stuff if you, say, want to be properly protected from the sun or kept dry.


Although we’ve been outside for longer than an hour before, this was an all day outing, and an outside all day outing. No shops, no proper seats, no shelter, nothing. We had to prepare and I’ve always been one to pack for a monsoon at the same time as a heatwave.

Here’s what our car looked like by the time we were ready to go:

Changing Bag.
In our BabyMule bag we took the usual nappy changing gumph (x2) as well as;
2-3 changes of clothes depending on the severity of the change
Teething toys and normal toys.
3 muslins
2 hats (one for warmth, one for sun).
We also had dummies (x4!!) sun-tan lotion, teething gel and powders, and alcohol gel as part of our toiletries section. Next year we will take bug spray!

Picnic Hamper with food and drink for the day.
Picnic blanket and Camping chairs.

Buggy (with rain cover attachment) although this was probably used mostly to transport all our stuff!


No baby was used in said buggy.

No baby was used in said buggy.


UV Tent for T to get changed in or chill out in, and to also protect our belongings.

Rain coats and jumpers.

We pretty much prepared for every scenario which seemed a little over the top but not only is this England but it’s sod’s law that if we didn’t take it, we would need it. Annoyingly, we didn’t actually think of taking anything, clothes-wise, for us but thankfully we didn’t need it.

This was for a whole day, next month we’re off on holiday for a week in Cornwall, I’m thinking we may need to hire a trailer!

What’s the most you’ve ever taken for the day? Did you need it? What did you forget?


Days Out – Eastbourne Air Show

Last Friday we went to Eastbourne Airshow for the first time in about 2 years. We’ve been plenty of times before but haven’t been for a while due to my work.

Most years we’d head into town for what we thought were the best views of the planes, but we didn’t think it would be very buggy friendly, so we decided to avoid the crowds and head to Beachy Head for the day as it overlooks Eastbourne seafront where the show takes place.

We set off early not knowing whether there would be queues for the car park but there wasn’t so we were there 2 hours before the show started! It did mean, however, we were able to take our time picking the right spot. The car park, which was a field converted to a car park, was only £5 and it meant safe parking and toilets if we needed them. As expected, we packed everything apart from the kitchen sink – but it was definitely needed! It meant we didn’t have to move or go buy anything.


When we got there we wished we’d done this year’s ago. Not only do you get an absolutely superb view, but the area is perfect for families. It’s not crowded and you barely realise you’re sharing the view. There were lots of kids running around and being so high up and exposed meant it wasn’t noisy. It’ll be perfect when T is running around.

We set up a camp for the day, although still expecting to cut the day in half if the previous day’s weather was anything to go by. The weather started off quite cloudy but by 11:00 we had beautiful blue skies and sunshine. It was wonderful. Both of us even caught a bit of sun!


Considering we were on top of a very big hill we were able to pick up the transmission from the commentators box on S’s phone. So with that, our camping chairs, a picnic, and flask of tea – we looked like a right pair of anoraks, especially when the planes flew past and S took photos.


Although T was none the wiser about where he was, you can tell he enjoys being in the great outdoors. He kicks the long grass and is often caught just looking up at the clouds. If we were lucky enough to find a large bug, he’d happily gaze at that as well.

Being outside and nicely spread out meant I was able to feed T without wanting cover on (although to be honest, I haven’t fed outside with a cover on in weeks!). It was certainly a bizarre feeling feeding T as the Red Arrows flew past.

Before we decided to go to the air show I was worried it would be too loud for T so we got him a pair of ear defenders just incase, but apart from one of the jets (I won’t embarrass myself and bore you by telling you the name of it) everything was very baby friendly!

Being where we were meant there was no rush to move on or get back to the car, so we stayed there pretty much all day. The day was perfect and we will absolutely go again. T’s grandad is especially looking forward to taking T one year and boring telling him about the planes.


Days Out – Babywearing – My first sling meet & Library. 

Since falling sick with the babywearing bug, I’ve joined several Facebook groups and followed several Babywearing hashtags on Twitter. It’s something I’ve really fallen in love with, although it’s sadly not the cheapest hobby!

Doing this kept my bug at a nice simmer… until I found out there was a sling library a few miles down the road in Eastbourne. I would have attended a different library in Brighton sooner but for some reason it looked a bit intimidating; Brighton, I imagine, is the home of babywearing. Eastbourne, however, seemed a little more gentle.

The main reason I wanted to go to a sling meet was to meet other baby wearers (if that’s the term), and get advice. The fact that on the date I was going to attend there would be a library was a bonus (although very VERY dangerous for my wallet).

When I arrived at Goffs Park, Eastbourne I was immediately drawn to the lovely cafe by the entrance.

It was raining at the time but it didn’t stop it looking lovely. Thankfully, this was where the sling meet was!

Unfortunately (although not really) there were too many people in the cafe so I couldn’t take any pictures but I can assure you that the cafe was sweet and had the most delicious looking cakes on show and bunting galore (I love a good bit of cake and bunting!).

After getting myself a coffee, I sat down and was immediately approached by the organiser, Roamy. She was so friendly and made me feel at home. She introduced a few other ladies and then went back to chatting to the dad she was with.

It was such a nice environment, and not just the cafe, but being part of a little community like this. Apart from when I’m in Brighton, I rarely get to flash my jazz hands at fellow baby wearers so coming along to something like this was great!

After chatting to Roamy, getting some tips about my stretchy, as well as my new mei tai, I went back and continued chatting to the other ladies – resisting cake.

I was, thankfully, also able to resist trying out a few of the slings that Roamy had in her library – which was difficult as a try before you buy trial of anything from a Moby to an Ergo only ranged from £5-£10! It was so hard to resist, maybe next time.

If you’re a fellow baby wearer, or even just thinking about it, I highly recommend giving your local sling library a visit – especially if you’re new to the game. The organisers will give you lots of information and advice, as well as tips on different ways to carry. A lot of the videos about positioning can be found online, but nothing really beats getting a lesson from someone in person. You can’t ask a video questions. 

On top of this, you may also find some life long chums!