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4 thoughts on “Days Out – Babywearing – My first sling meet & Library. 

  1. Tramadol Online India says:

    I believe that Toku and I will love baby wearing so went ahead & purchased a 2nd hand Moby and have a friend giving us her Ergo – which I purchased a 2nd hand infant insert for. I figured we’d move onto ring slings or woven’s later. Last week the NZ babywearing marketplace group on fb reached 10,000 members so had lots of vendor competitions…and I won a ring sling which is being customized to fit! So stoked 🙂

    • Tramadol Bula Anvisa says:

      Oh my gosh I’m so jealous!! I’d love a ring sling.
      I can imagine you’ll both LOVE baby wearing. It’s such an amazing feeling, still having them attached. I’m constantly just kissing his head as we walk, or tapping his bum like I did my bump. I love it.
      I enjoy stretchy wraps l, but a harness style go between like a mei tai is nice also. Good luck!! X

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