7 Reasons I Love Babywearing

If follow us on Instagram, you’ll already know that I love Babywearing. Don’t get me wrong, I love our pram, and often get buggy-envy, but having T close to me is something really special.

From the first time I went to a sling library, to the moment I got to grips with a woven, it’s been fun (in a sweaty, frustrating, why-won’t-he-go-any-higher kinda way).

If you’re thinking of Babywearing, whether it’s via a stretchy or a buckle based carrier, here are my top 5 reasons why I choose to carry T.

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Our 2015

2015 was a huge one for us with the arrival of T, after trying for two years to meet him.

2016 will no doubt be just as busy what with T starting nursery, me returning to work, and T making general milestones like walking and, possibly, talking!

But before we start moving forward, here’s what our 2015 looked like.

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Days Out – Babywearing – My first sling meet & Library. 

Since falling sick with the babywearing bug, I’ve joined several Facebook groups and followed several Babywearing hashtags on Twitter. It’s something I’ve really fallen in love with, although it’s sadly not the cheapest hobby!

Doing this kept my bug at a nice simmer… until I found out there was a sling library a few miles down the road in Eastbourne. I would have attended a different library in Brighton sooner but for some reason it looked a bit intimidating; Brighton, I imagine, is the home of babywearing. Eastbourne, however, seemed a little more gentle.

The main reason I wanted to go to a sling meet was to meet other baby wearers (if that’s the term), and get advice. The fact that on the date I was going to attend there would be a library was a bonus (although very VERY dangerous for my wallet).

When I arrived at Goffs Park, Eastbourne I was immediately drawn to the lovely cafe by the entrance.

It was raining at the time but it didn’t stop it looking lovely. Thankfully, this was where the sling meet was!

Unfortunately (although not really) there were too many people in the cafe so I couldn’t take any pictures but I can assure you that the cafe was sweet and had the most delicious looking cakes on show and bunting galore (I love a good bit of cake and bunting!).

After getting myself a coffee, I sat down and was immediately approached by the organiser, Roamy. She was so friendly and made me feel at home. She introduced a few other ladies and then went back to chatting to the dad she was with.

It was such a nice environment, and not just the cafe, but being part of a little community like this. Apart from when I’m in Brighton, I rarely get to flash my jazz hands at fellow baby wearers so coming along to something like this was great!

After chatting to Roamy, getting some tips about my stretchy, as well as my new mei tai, I went back and continued chatting to the other ladies – resisting cake.

I was, thankfully, also able to resist trying out a few of the slings that Roamy had in her library – which was difficult as a try before you buy trial of anything from a Moby to an Ergo only ranged from £5-£10! It was so hard to resist, maybe next time.

If you’re a fellow baby wearer, or even just thinking about it, I highly recommend giving your local sling library a visit – especially if you’re new to the game. The organisers will give you lots of information and advice, as well as tips on different ways to carry. A lot of the videos about positioning can be found online, but nothing really beats getting a lesson from someone in person. You can’t ask a video questions. 

On top of this, you may also find some life long chums!