Teething: Gummee Molar Mallet (Review) [AD]

Everything gets blamed on teething in this house. Poor sleep, lack of appetite, bad attitude. It seems that T has never stopped teething as he always has his fingers in his mouth.

Last year we became Gummee ambassadors, which was perfect timing as T was in the midst of tooth… I’ve lost count… and we needed some help. Starting with the Gummee Glove, we were able to fix the glove to T for his teething relief. The glove then grew with T as we were also able to remove the heart shaped tool for molars!


The Molar Mallett

This month sees a release of a new Gummee teething product. The Molar Mallet. Sounding like a weapon of torture, its aim is to get into the nooks and crannies of your child’s mouth that other teethers may not.


Aged for 12 months plus, its clever design means that your child can comfortably hold one end whilst the smaller end can explore their mouth.


Within the smaller (hammer) end is choice of textures depending on your child’s needs. T seemed to like chewing the bobbled end as apposed to the ridged end.


As well as the fact that it helps with teething, I also really like the fact that every effort has gone into preserving its life. T has a habit of throwing or dropping things, so when T did the same to the Molar Mallet I was amazed to find it that it’s heavy base meant that when it hit the ground it instantly rolled to an upright position.

The same happened when T knocked it over. It’s sturdy wobble base simply resisted and stood itself right back up again,  and thanks to it’s clever collar the wet end didn’t even touch the floor!

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I absolutely adore this product and would highly recommend giving it a go. It’s main target age is from 12 months plus, however I don’t see why you can’t use it from an earlier stage – especially if you have a little one that teethed as early as T!


We are currently brand ambassadors for Gummee so were sent the Molar Mallet to test and review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. Plutonium Sox says:

    Ah this looks like a great product. We used the giraffe thing but people have said that it has perished and broken which is quite dangerous. If mine were still teething I’d buy this.

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