An Alternative Gift Guide for Mother’s Day. 

Every year for the past three years on Mother’s Day, I receive a barrage of emails up to a month before offering to “give her what she really wants” or “treat her” this Mother’s Day followed by streams of pretty pictures of candles, jewellery, wine, chocolates, and flowers. One year I saw a kitchen aid (although that is a pretty cool gift) and other kitchen related items with the tag line “no more boring dinners, dads”!

When Father’s Day rolls round, however (although I don’t get as many of these emails!), I still see the same sentiment, although this time “what they really want” are deals on games consoles, flying drones, and driving experiences. Even the food on offer is different. Mothers get chocolates, Dads get steak.

how sexist!

As a same sex parent who rarely conforms to gender norms I often find these emails a little offensive. Where’s my Xbox one deal? Or my invite to a steak night? How about beer tasting?

Why am I, as a woman, restricted to flowers and fluffy slippers!

I could go on about the sexism that goes on in the gifting industry, but instead, I thought I’d write my own little gift guide for parents who rarely conform to stereotypes! Thankfully, Sharon T knows what to get for our Mothers’ Day Weekend (I’m actually quite happy with a hand made card, a lay in, and a decent cup of coffee), however if you’re stuck on what to get your non-confirming Mrs or Mum, here’s a few alternative ideas:

An experience day

Although a Spa day sounds great for those that enjoy being lathered in essential oils, there are no doubt hundreds of other experiences on the website you’re probably looking at for that spa day. For me, I would love to get behind a wheel of a racing car or try indoor sky diving!

Whilst you’re at it, why not pick something you can do as a couple so you can have a break from being ‘Parent’.


Colouring in is probably one of my Top 3 ways I relax outside of reading and my Bullet Journal. I find I can escape and it calms me knowing that for once someone is colouring inside the lines! There are a number of colouring in books you can buy these days; from movie themed ones, wildlife, to simple patterns!

Keeping with the stationery theme, there are also some gorgeous notebooks and planners out there, as well as an array of adult craft! For me, I’d love to add to my collection of Pens with a set of Brush Pens, or a nice set of colouring in pencils. There’s also a set of Washi Tape I have my eye on, as well as a few notebooks!

Tickets to an event.

As massive Rugby fans, tickets to the Six Nations (as a very early gift!) or the Rugby World Cup would be amazing. But there’s also plenty of gigs we’d love to go to or maybe even the theatre!


Whether it’s a coffee/gin/tea/wine/all of the above related item, A Google Mini, A GoPro, some blogging or photography accessories, or a Fit Bit, get something actually useful that won’t get thrown into a cupboard or, worse, the bin!

A day-pass to somewhere new

We love our National Trust membership and is one of the best things we purchased a few years ago. We are guaranteed to find somewhere new, whilst also adding to our list of favourite places, and because we have a membership, our visits can be as long or as short as we like as we can return soon another day.

Places like the National Trust also often offer single day passes or vouchers, which can act as the perfect gift if you want to get out and about more as a family.

A Subscription Service

2017 seemed to blow up when it came to ‘The Subscription Service’. Looking at the majority of my social media feed it was primarily food related, however there was also the occasional household related subscription box, stationery boxes, even craft boxes.

For me, a year’s subscription to something like Spotify or Netflix would go down a treat, or something a bit more geeky like Lootcrate. I’ve also always thought about an adoption pack for one of my favourite animals via the charity Born Free, as some of these start at as little as £2.50 a month!

Yearly memberships

The more places I visit with T, the more places I want to join up to with as members. Places like farms and museums are all on my list as it means I can keep going back even if I’m skint that month. Plus, by becoming a member somewhere, it means you’re assisting with the preservation or expansion of the location.

Lessons for something new!

Something that has always taken Sharon’s fancy are guitar lessons, and for me I’d like to give skiing a go. It’s something different and there’s potential of learning a new skill. Other options include; a new language, learning how to DJ, even how to cook!

Don’t get me wrong, personalised items such as custom t-shirts, mugs, or artwork, or a home made gift from the Children are always a win with me, so don’t be put off doing those types of gifts too – there are lots of unique and thoughtful things you can buy on places like Etsy or Not on the Highstreet – however, lets think outside of the box for a change and get her something she really wants and actually needs.


One thought on “An Alternative Gift Guide for Mother’s Day. 

  1. Nigel William says:

    Hi, Kate! This list is really inspirational! You made a great point- I love how you focused on experiences more than on things. Sure, I`m totally on the same page when it comes to specific “gender” gifts- I think it`s ridicules and absolutely unnecessary. I really hope that this post inspires everybody to put some effort and though in getting a perfect gift for one they love.

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