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Step Into Christmas with Boots [AD]

Around this time of year, Sharon and I will start thinking about Christmas and any prep that comes with it. Thankfully, I married a woman who is good at adding bits to her shopping basket throughout the year or spotting online deals, so when it comes to buying presents we have most of what we

The History of Gay Marriage: from the Ancients to Gen Z! [AD]

*This is a Collaborative Post Gay marriage has only just become a lawful enterprise, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t always around. For the history of gay marriage, you came to the right place. Despite the recent history of the LGBTQ+ community being one of prejudice and discrimination, things weren’t always like this. Our current

The Importance of Playing Outside [AD]

This is a collaborative post with Fatmoose Climbing Frames It goes without saying that playing outside is an important part of childhood development. It encourages children to explore and remain curious, and it offers opportunities to experience new things such as different smells and textures. Not only that, but an hour outside – even if

My Top 4 Blogging Tips & Tools That Help Me Blog as a Hobby

*This is a Collaborative Post. If you didn’t know already, blogging is a hobby and is not my main source of income. It’s not my “main” job and I don’t rely on it to pay the bills or put food on the table. With this, it means I have the luxury of being able to

Three Reasons to Lay Artificial Grass At Home

*This is a Sponsored Guest Post* When we think of summer, we think of spending quality family time in the garden. However, maintaining a garden in a busy family home can be a real struggle. Cutting the grass and weeding the plants often falls short to the endless list of housework. So what’s the solution?

Top 5 Things to do in Liverpool

*THIS IS  A SPONSORED COLLABORATIVE POST* As a southerner, I don’t often travel further ‘North’ than the M25 (I’ll get a nosebleed otherwise). Last year, our holiday to the Lake District was the furthest North I’ve ever been, and you know what, it was great and opened up a new door for us when it