Three Reasons to Lay Artificial Grass At Home

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When we think of summer, we think of spending quality family time in the garden. However, maintaining a garden in a busy family home can be a real struggle. Cutting the grass and weeding the plants often falls short to the endless list of housework. So what’s the solution? Artificial grass and here’s why:

Save Money

Seeds, chemical enhancers, weed killers and gardening tools. Whilst the cost may seem trivial, these can sharp add up. Not to mention the bigger costs of lawn mowers and water rates.

One of the great benefits of artificial grass is that there are no ongoing costs to consider. Once the grass is down, there’s little to no maintenance required – a simple brush down is enough to keep it looking fabulous.  You can keep your money for that family BBQ instead!

No Allergies

Artificial grass eliminates the need for chemical enhancers, providing a safe environmentally friendly area for children and pets to play. With zero pollen count, it’s great for those who suffer from hay fever too. Say goodbye to sore eyes, running noses, headaches. Hay fever symptoms will no longer be irritated by your lawn so you get to spend more time outdoors.

Low Maintenance

We don’t need to elaborate on the chores gardening entails, I’m sure were all pretty aware of the hourly mowing sessions and the lovely back ache we endure for days after. Whilst it looks amazing, there is an abundance of effort that goes in to maintaining it.

Then there’s the muddy footprints ran across the kitchen floor and lovely grass stained clothing to consider. With little maintenance and the look of natural grass, the artificial stuff is the perfect solution for us busy parents who just don’t have time to spare.

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Top 5 Things to do in Liverpool


As a southerner, I don’t often travel further ‘North’ than the M25 (I’ll get a nosebleed otherwise). Last year, our holiday to the Lake District was the furthest North I’ve ever been, and you know what, it was great and opened up a new door for us when it came to holidays. The drive wasn’t that bad from the South and everything was noticeably cheaper!

After that initial nosebleed, I then took myself off to Manchester for the BlogOn conference a few weekends ago as it was only a mere 4 hours from Brighton, and as the journey to the Lakes was 6-7 hours I thought why not!? I had a fab time in the North (anyone else can’t help but say that in a ‘John Snow’ accent?) so I decided to have a look at what was nearby to make the most out of my time up there.

Looking on the map I saw that Liverpool wasn’t actually that far from me (under an hour in fact), so the morning after the conference I decided to pop along the M62 and visit Liverpool – albeit briefly. Although I didn’t get to stay there long, I did notice several hot spots that have been added to my list for when we return to The North .

Here are my Top 5 picks of fun activities in Liverpool so far…

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Top 5 Family Activities Perfect for Summer in London


School is almost out and therefore summer holidays are almost here. With this, it’s good to plan ahead and think of ways to use this time to bond with your family as you enjoy the local attraction sites. A picnic by the river, outdoor adventures, and family games helps to build special moments with loved ones.

Outlined below are activities perfect for a family trip to London this summer!

  1. Enjoy the Tube Train

If you are visiting London for the first time, make sure you drive the tube train.

Did you know the transport department allows children to take control of the virtual tube train. Sitting in the front of a rollercoaster enables you to have a clear view of the city. You can pretend that you are driving it and take some pictures.

This category of fun is particularly suitable for kids aged seven years and above.

  1. Theatre Time

Take the children to the theatre to watch new animated movies. The playhouse has a host of tales with live music, host of characters, and puppetry from the best-loved titles and bestselling books. The kids are guaranteed to enjoy the funky moves, giggles, and toe-tapping tunes.

Check online for tickets to the late-night shows tailored for adults.

  1. Playground for the Kids

The Bloomsbury in central London is an open space that is child-friendly. The park on this walled garden is the best and most beautiful for miles around. Enormous sandpit, see-saws, swing, and climbing frames are available on the east part.

The older children should visit the adventure playground and farm city with tunnel slide, zip wire, and various climbing equipment made from natural materials. These sites are fit for kids over one year and you should be present to monitor their moves.

  1. Tour the Serpentine

Check out the dedicated swimming period to determine when to visit the water expanses. Serpentine is among the prettiest water areas in London. The gated family section has a chlorinated and paddled pool, swings, and sandpit for parents to relax while kids play. Hire the sun loungers and sunbathing for your family.

You do not need to worry about snacks and food as you can buy from the stalls within the lido grounds.

Note that the water regions are ideal for children who are seven years and up.

  1. Track Day

The event allows you to take your motorcycle or vehicle to enjoy on track for a day or evening. Attendees must have a valid driving license and no racing skills are needed. They also accept race licenses and kids from 12 years to drive a car.

Consider taking up the driving experiences challenge to boost your road skills. They include Rally, Racing Car, Off Road, or Supercar experiences. The above top 5 family activities for summer should be on your list.


  • Make sure you plan for the vacation a month earlier to create time for amending decisions.
  • Involve the children when planning for the holiday to take care of their interest.
  • Remember to carry a notebook and a camera to record and capture the moments you spend in this beautiful city.


Dreaming of Oversea Travel [AD]


T has always been a good traveller whenever we’ve gone on holiday. Regardless of distance, he’s generally happy to entertain himself by chatting to us about what’s going on outside, what we’re doing (a dozen times over) and where we’re going. When things get a bit dull or he doesn’t fancy sleeping, he’s also happy just chilling out on Hopster.

Seeing as he’s never been any trouble travelling, we’re really starting to think about going abroad – especially as he starts school next year (eek!) when travelling is likely to become more costly!

Although an airplane is very different to the comfort of your car – I think T would really enjoy being on a plane and up in the sky; looking at the clouds, not to mention having more room when it comes to his seat.

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Finding LGBT and Family Friendly Holidays


It’s probably been over five years since Sharon and I got on a plane and went on holiday together. Five years since we felt tropical sun on our skin, or sat by the poolside drinking cocktails at 10am 11am. I remember looking at hotels online and then eagerly waiting to exchange our cash at the post office. It was so exciting.

Of course all of that changed once we started trying for children, and then once they arrived it was no different. Now a days, we enjoy more local holidays, and although it’s nice having the convenience of the UK, I do miss the blue seas and hot sand.

Family LGBT Friendly

As expected, having children can determine where you go on holiday, which is one of the reasons we haven’t been on a ‘proper’ holiday abroad for a long time. It can be expensive, and the thought of taking a toddler on a flight longer than two hours sends a chill through my spine.

But for an LGBT family, there are also other things that we take into consideration when choosing where to holiday, not just expense. Things such as cultural and religious differences, the law, even what rights the other parent has if one were to fall ill. The rights you have in one country may not be reflected in the next country you visit. For us, these factors are more important.

This year, one of our big plans is to get T his very own passport so we can get him on a plane before he goes to school. It would be an added bonus if we can get him out of the UK and somewhere completely different! But when it comes to picking a holiday in a different country, we will definitely be searching for LGBT Holidays for our own peace of mind as a family.

James Villa Holidays have recently released a list of LGBT-friendly destinations, as well as a list of events throughout the year. LGBT-friendly locations and villas include, Cyprus, Crete, Tuscany, Lanzarote, Menorca, and Algarve, and several other locations also boast secluded villas for privacy! The thought of a private pool sounds like heaven, not to mention the thought of exploring new places.

Here are a few of my favourite events from their list of LGBT events:

Carnaval de Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (Jan/Feb)

We’ve actually been to Gran Canaria and cannot say a bad word about it. The hotel we stayed at was friendly to Sharon and I as a couple, but we saw several families there too. The nightlife in the local area is so much fun, what with drag shows and cabaret events throughout the night, and the food in local restaurants caters for all.

Maspalomas Gay Pride, Gran Canaria (May)

Just down the road from Las Palmas, Maspalomas celebrates it’s Gay Pride in May. As part of the 10 day festival, you’ll see carnivals on the street, and hear the sound of music from bars, clubs, and restaurants. There’s a reason Gran Canaria is one of the top Gay-Friendly holiday locations.

Other Prides throughout the year can be found in Cyprus (May), Ibiza (June), Barcelona (July), and Malta (September).

Circuit Festival, Barcelona (Aug)

The circuit festival is a 10 day event full of fun, games, and dancing, but is also one of the biggest LGBT parties in the world – with links dating back to the 70’s and 80’s where the parties were a place for the underground, and once illegal, LGBT community to feel safe and have fun. Now a days, it’s a huge disco and even takes over the main water park during the day.

This one might not be one for the family, but then who says you can’t go on holiday without the kids once in a while?

If you’re a rainbow family, where do you go on holiday? What do you look for when choosing the perfect holiday?


Carving Pumpkins with Bing Bunny

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My name is Kate, I’m 30, and I have never carved a pumpkin for Halloween. My wife would probably be disgusted if she had indeed carved a pumpkin in her thirty-something years, but alas, she hasn’t either.

I think the lack of jack-o-lanterns in our life is down to the fact that neither of our families celebrated Halloween, so as we grew up we never really understood the fascination of it. We never went trick-or-treating as it wasn’t really the done thing in the UK in the 80’s and 90’s, or certainly not where we lived, it was more of an American tradition. Halloween parties didn’t really happen, and schools certainly didn’t celebrate by installing an influx of cobwebs like they do now (excluding the ones already around that dodgy gymnasium). Anyway, I digress.

This year, we’ve decided to change things and carve our very own pumpkin. It always looks like fun and I’m quite partial to a pumpkin flavoured something! Plus, thanks to nursery, Halloween is very much celebrated like any other celebration – so why not get into the spirit and join in!

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