Finding His Voice

I’m pretty safe to say that T has definitely found his voice.

Every morning, it’s no longer frustrated noises or cries that come from his moses basket but coo’s and chitter chatter. Throughout the day, I no longer hear silence but baby rambles being directed at the nearest toy.

When I watch him chat I can see his lips moving into different shapes, trying to pronounce something. His eyebrows moving with emotion.

Whenever I engage in conversation with him, hoping I’m getting the language right and not calling him names, I wonder what his first words will be, what his first question will be, and what he’ll answer when I ask him questions such as; what his favourite colour is, what his favourite meal is, or where his favourite place is.

We’re clearly a long way off from question time, but I can’t wait to have a proper conversation with him. Even if it is about why he can’t have profiteroles for breakfast like his Mumma.


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