Keep Your Hat On! 

For some unknown reason I can’t wear hats. They just don’t like me. The only hats I can wear are beanie style ones; probably because they can stretch. I often see hats in snowboarding or surf shops that I’d to love to wear but as soon as I put them on they either don’t fit or they just don’t suit me. This sucks.

So when T was born I had every intention of putting him in hats, making up for the headwear I wasn’t able to give a loving home to, however I still worried he’d have the same issue as me.

Since finding My Little Duckling many moons ago at a baby show, it’s made all my hat wearing dreams come true; regardless of whether T had adopted my anti-hat head.

MLD create gorgeous hats for babies and toddlers in an aviator/pilot style and more recently; as part of their new collection, a motorcycle rider.

Although the design is completely for the benefit of the parent, the hats do genuinely keep babies warm. They come in a HUGE range of colours/designs, as well as thickness depending on season.

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Days Out – The Baby Show – Kensington Olympia, London – Our Favourite Stalls. 

Last weekend we visited the baby show as parents, you can read about our visit here.

In the meantime, here’s a list of our favourite stalls from the show:

My Little Duckling – If you follow us on Instagram you’ll see that T pretty much lives in his MLD hat. So when we found out that they were going to be at the show, we couldn’t wait to check out their new season of racing car driver hats!

It was their first year at the baby show but despite this, when we popped over to say hi, they were really busy! What I love about MLD is not only their hats in general (I mean, c’mon, they’re adorable) but the fact that they’re really passionate about their hats. They really do enjoy what they do.


Hush Cush – These guys are the creators of a portable feeding pillow. Although I didn’t get round to getting one, it’ll certainly be on my christmas list as I often can’t get T comfy whilst feeding out and about.

Zippy Bibs – I’m an addict when it comes to bibs, so when I found these guys for the first time this year; I couldn’t resist getting more bibs! Their bibs are really good quality and the attention to detail in the stitching is excellent. T’s since used the bibs and I am pleased with how absorbent they are!


This is just a quater of what they had on offer!

Count The Kicks – Every year this stall gets bigger and bigger which is great to see as the money raised goes to such a good cause. I didn’t win anything from their tombola, but I did get a nice consolation prize of a tub of cream that smells far too nice for T!

Funky Giraffe – I told you I’m an addict when it comes to bibs. I rarely attend a baby show without popping by FG and picking up a few more bibs. They’re gorgeous bibs and the quality is excellent.

Cheeky Wipes – Cheeky wipes do reusable wipes and now reusable feminine products. Although we never got round to looking into cloth nappies, we love our cheeky wipes and after using (and washing) them for several months now we’re still really impressed with their durability.

Gro – Since working with Gro I couldn’t not pop by and say hi, as well as check out a few of their new releases for this year. Although T is too big for their new swaddle and sleep pod I was really impressed with them. I can’t wait to buy their night light.


BundleBean – Another new exhibitor at the show this year. BundleBean make waterproof footmuffs for car seats and buggies, however, they’re also adaptable so they can be worn when you’re baby wearing!! This is brilliant. You may not be the most inconspicuous of people when using one but it makes your baby snug as a bug.

This is just a tiny list out of stalls we visited whilst at The Baby Show, notbto mention all the other we didn’t visit!

Were you at The Baby Show? What did we miss? Who will you be recommending?


Days Out – The Baby Show – Kensington Olympia, London. 

Last weekend the wife and I went to our first baby show as a family. I was pregnant the last time we went and the time before that we were trying, so it was really nice to visit from the perspective of parents.

Going as parents this time meant that we knew what we needed and likewise, what would be good for the future. There have been several occasions previously, when we were trying or whilst I was pregnant, where we saw something and thought; “that’ll be good!” but here we are today and that particular item is still in it’s packaging!


Our day started particularly early as usual, however this came in handy as we needed to be out the door by 7am to arrive by 10am to grab any freebies deals. So instead of putting T back to sleep after his 5:30am feed, we got him dressed and in the car where he then slept the way there. Perfect!

As we arrived, I got incredibly excited. I love Baby shows. I love the shopping experience, the new gadgets and gizmos that aren’t in the shops yet, the discounts! It really is a world of its own. I also love chatting to the companies and hearing how their product came to be and how enthusiastic they are about their product, especially now since we’ve worked with a few of the brands that attend the show. It’s like talking to someone we know.

The actual day itself was no different to previous times – apart from new stalls, and the fact we got to meet Laura and Amy from We Forgot The Sperm and Al from TheDadNetwork! So this time, I thought I’d share some tips to help make your experience easier if you decide to go.



1) Get there in good time. A lot of the offers (freebies or my) go quite quickly so if you’re a sucker for a deal like me you have to get there in the morning.

2) As usual, we planned a route. It’s really easy for something to catch your eye when you’re walking around, especially with exhibitors calling you over or handing you something. If you’re strict with your route you’ll see everything in your own time and at your own pace!

3) Likewise to the above, mark down who you want to see or the things you need to buy. It’s really easy to forget (or spend the money you saved for bibs!)

4) We started at the back. This meant that we got a bit more room to browse whilst everyone else was at the front, and by the time we reached the front everyone was at the back!

5) We took a packed lunch. Although the food there is lovely and with tons of choice available, it was always so busy; meaning you couldn’t always find a seat within that cafe’s seating area. Taking a packed lunch meant we could plonk ourselves down anywhere (maybe not as easily if you’re heavily pregnant), saving our lunch money for more goodies!

6) Don’t make decisions straight away. If you’re not sure about something, make a separate pile of leaflets to talk about over at lunch. There are also several exhibitors selling similar items, so don’t just go with the first one you see.

Although in general the show was no different to the previous times (which is good!), we really noticed this time how good the facilities are around the show for babies. Whether it was comfy rocking chairs in the feeding area, the availablity to go to a private feeding area if you wished, or the fact that the changing area offered free nappies and wipes on top of a decent changing table with nappy bin. Everything really had been thought of.

As usual, I’d highly recommend paying the baby show a visit if you’re expecting or even with a young baby. There really is something for everyone, however I can’t promise that everyone will be as keen as you.


You can visit our favourite stalls here.


Little Sunflowers – Review. 

With T growing up and chunking out before our eyes, it’s important that the clothes we get him are of good quality not to mention value for money.

We know babies grow out of things quickly, so it’s not good value for money if you’re buying 0-3 month jeans at £20! They’re bound to grow out of them quickly – T did! That doesn’t, however, mean that we buy cheap. It still has to last them the 3 months after all and not fall apart after the first wash!

So when we were invited to shop at Little Sunflowers, we were over the moon. Little Sunflowers sell high quality clothing by brands such as Fred’s World, Hatley, Toby Tiger, Molo Kids, Maxomorra, and Lilly & Sid! Run by the lovely Bev, who has been working in the childrenswear business for over ten years (as well as being a mother of two) with her husband, it’s clear she really enjoys what she does.

The website itself is easy to navigate – we liked the fact we could search just by brand; this gave us the opportunity to view brands we hadn’t heard of before not to mention see how much choice was available! We were also impressed by the delayed shipping option (something we haven’t seen before) at checkout.

After much deliberation we finally decided what to get. We decided on a piece by Fred’s World, a piece by JNY, and a piece by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada. We decided to get pieces a little larger than T so that we had something to look forward to and because we were nervous about T growing out of it before he had a chance to wear it!

The items came surprisingly quick, considering we ordered them on a Sunday, and arrived via courier (included in the order). We had also been receiving texts to update us about our order throughout the weekend.

We were really impressed with the service from Little Sunflowers and would recommend shopping there. Their vast collection of brands at reasonable prices, and excellent customer service made the whole experience a pleasure.


We were given a voucher to shop at Little Sunflowers for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 


Several blogging award ceremonies are now upon us. Every year, we nominate and then vote for our favourite bloggers – sometimes spending hours on one category because the category has three of your favourite blogs in it.

But where would we be without the little parenting lifesavers that have got us through the day so we could carry on blogging?

So without further ado, I present my Top 10 parenting lifesavers.

Breakfast biscuits – For when a proper breakfast is not going to happen. Without them, I would likely go hungry thanks to a mis-timed feed.

Bottle of water – ‘Nuff said.

Coffee creamer / whitener – For when a hot, milky coffee is not going to happen as soon as you’d like it. This stuff keeps hot drinks warmer for longer.

Nipple cream – In the early days, this stuff was liquid gold, especially the ones that didn’t need to be washed off before a feed.

Twitter – I’ve kept my sanity chatting to the lovely ladies and gents of Twitter. There’s either someone having the same day as you, or someone who just fancies a chat. I’ve spent many feeds stuck in the sofa with just the company of Twitter. It’s great.

Frozen meals – During the first few weeks we saved up left over portions of dinners so that if I was having a hectic day, I could just whack a meal in the oven. This has been a huge help with zero effort as all it took was cooking a larger lasagne, for example. This also saved our wallets (and waistlines) from buying takeaways!

Vanish – For those white to yellow vest days. I need to take out shares in this stuff.

Nursing Pillow – Apart from it’s obvious use, it’s also good for being a neck pillow for a last minute nap after a feed and T is on my chest. No more cricks in your neck.

Baby TV – Not my proudest life-saver, and when I caught myself letting him watch the TV I cried a little bit, but within the ten minutes I let him watch the telly during a challenging day I got to go the toilet and prepare some (decent) food. Although it is only ten minutes I still feel guilty about doing it, trust me.

My stretchy wrap – Probably my biggest life-saver. For when T doesn’t want to be put down, and I want to cook dinner. It also means I can nip to the shops without packing up the pram.

What are your parenting life savers?


What T Wore: Our Addiction to Lilly and Sid

Hello, we’re LesBeMums and we’re Lilly and Sid addicts. Our addiction started before T was even born. We were shopping in Lewes one day and found an independent kids clothing store. They had lots of beautiful items but one range stuck out from the rest – Lilly and Sid.    Their beautiful colours, soft fabrics, and unique designs really shone through. We were in love. Over many months we found ourselves buying sleep suits, hats, tops, trousers, you name it. Everything was stunning.    For us, it’s their designs that really stand out from the rest. You won’t see cutesy but instead modern and funky. On top of this, Lilly and Sid are reasonably priced in comparison to other independent clothing brands (and even some chain brands!) which made any online sales dangerous territory for our wallets. Last year, we were lucky enough to be sent a lovely gift from Lilly and Sid – A blanket and a box of socks. We haven’t had the heart to crack open the socks yet as it’s too pretty, but the blanket came in handy very early once T arrived. The spots and stripes on the blanket worked well for his early eyesight so we often place the blanket over the top of his play mat. When not on his play mat it works as a lovely light blanket for us when we’re cuddling. On top of the beautiful clothes, the customer service is exemplary and we often find ourselves chatting away on Twitter. They often seek the advice of their customers when creating new designs and regularly keep customers updated. The guys at Lilly and Sid are genuinely lovely people, and clearly enjoy what they do. You can see it in the quality of the clothes. 


We WEREN’T given these items for the purpose of this review. They were a gift. We have written this review because we genuinely love Lilly and Sid and want to spread the message.