Days Out – The Baby Show – Kensington Olympia, London – Our Favourite Stalls. 

Last weekend we visited the baby show as parents, you can read about our visit here.

In the meantime, here’s a list of our favourite stalls from the show:

My Little Duckling – If you follow us on Instagram you’ll see that T pretty much lives in his MLD hat. So when we found out that they were going to be at the show, we couldn’t wait to check out their new season of racing car driver hats!

It was their first year at the baby show but despite this, when we popped over to say hi, they were really busy! What I love about MLD is not only their hats in general (I mean, c’mon, they’re adorable) but the fact that they’re really passionate about their hats. They really do enjoy what they do.


Hush Cush – These guys are the creators of a portable feeding pillow. Although I didn’t get round to getting one, it’ll certainly be on my christmas list as I often can’t get T comfy whilst feeding out and about.

Zippy Bibs – I’m an addict when it comes to bibs, so when I found these guys for the first time this year; I couldn’t resist getting more bibs! Their bibs are really good quality and the attention to detail in the stitching is excellent. T’s since used the bibs and I am pleased with how absorbent they are!


This is just a quater of what they had on offer!

Count The Kicks – Every year this stall gets bigger and bigger which is great to see as the money raised goes to such a good cause. I didn’t win anything from their tombola, but I did get a nice consolation prize of a tub of cream that smells far too nice for T!

Funky Giraffe – I told you I’m an addict when it comes to bibs. I rarely attend a baby show without popping by FG and picking up a few more bibs. They’re gorgeous bibs and the quality is excellent.

Cheeky Wipes – Cheeky wipes do reusable wipes and now reusable feminine products. Although we never got round to looking into cloth nappies, we love our cheeky wipes and after using (and washing) them for several months now we’re still really impressed with their durability.

Gro – Since working with Gro I couldn’t not pop by and say hi, as well as check out a few of their new releases for this year. Although T is too big for their new swaddle and sleep pod I was really impressed with them. I can’t wait to buy their night light.


BundleBean – Another new exhibitor at the show this year. BundleBean make waterproof footmuffs for car seats and buggies, however, they’re also adaptable so they can be worn when you’re baby wearing!! This is brilliant. You may not be the most inconspicuous of people when using one but it makes your baby snug as a bug.

This is just a tiny list out of stalls we visited whilst at The Baby Show, notbto mention all the other we didn’t visit!

Were you at The Baby Show? What did we miss? Who will you be recommending?


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