Keep Your Hat On! 

For some unknown reason I can’t wear hats. They just don’t like me. The only hats I can wear are beanie style ones; probably because they can stretch. I often see hats in snowboarding or surf shops that I’d to love to wear but as soon as I put them on they either don’t fit or they just don’t suit me. This sucks.

So when T was born I had every intention of putting him in hats, making up for the headwear I wasn’t able to give a loving home to, however I still worried he’d have the same issue as me.

Since finding My Little Duckling many moons ago at a baby show, it’s made all my hat wearing dreams come true; regardless of whether T had adopted my anti-hat head.

MLD create gorgeous hats for babies and toddlers in an aviator/pilot style and more recently; as part of their new collection, a motorcycle rider.

Although the design is completely for the benefit of the parent, the hats do genuinely keep babies warm. They come in a HUGE range of colours/designs, as well as thickness depending on season.

What I like about MLD hats is not only how awesome they make T look, but how they STAY on T’s head. Often when I’m wearing T or when he’s sat in his car seat he likes to have a proper look around; meaning any hat he’s wearing would slip over his eyes. This isn’t the case with MLD, and not just because they’re snug/too tight. They just fit the head nicely.

The only sad thing about the hats is that the goggles don’t come down, but this is for my own selfish reasoning as I’m sure if they did come down they’d then be a danger to the child!

Plus, I’m sad they don’t do adult sizes, although even if they did the hat probably wouldn’t fit me!


We were given two MLD hats over the course of 6 months for the purpose of a review. 

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