The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Feeding On The Go

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  1. g2the4thpower says:

    Great tips, and you’re doing a great job! It’s daunting at first for sure. You’ll be a pro in no time!

  2. My tip is: just don’t give a sh!t what anyone else thinks. I was tremendously shy and modest about nursing in public at first. But I eventually decided that if someone judges me/is uncomfortable, the problem is theirs, not mine. You’re doing a GREAT job. With more practice, you’ll begin to whip it out like a pro and not even give a second thought to whoever is around you.

    1. lesbemums says:

      I’m slowly coming round to not giving a monkeys – I guess because it’s so alien to whip something like that out. Im also worried what any confrontation will be like.

      Although I’ve always known it, I’m remembering that my baby actually comes first and if they need a feed then I’m going to feed. Just got to keep telling myself that. X

  3. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama says:

    Nursing rooms with other moms?! That’s pretty dope!!! It makes me sad when women don’t nurse in public. Callie was one of those that REFUSED (and still does) to nurse anywhere but home. I’m pretty sure if she felt more confidant with other women around, she would do it more often. Good for you!

    1. lesbemums says:

      *nods* I’m not one to talk about confidence as I’m not 100% yet but it does come with time. It definitely depends on the place. If we’re out and I’m not happy with anything I tend to go for the car. I can imagine it doesn’t help with twins though – I don’t think I could do that.

      Yeah. The nursing rooms are awesome. Only seen them in baby shops mind you but it’s a nice start. Wish there was more of them, perhaps in supermarkets.

      Glad your boys (and girl) are well. X

  4. If you want to wear your favourite t-shirt and still feed you could try the double vest trick. Put a thin strappy vest on under your t-shirt and pull it down (you’ll want one with stretchy straps, Next ones are great) when you lift your t-shirt up. This opens up a world of outfit possibilities. Also, the more you feed in public the more confident you’ll become. I honestly don’t think many people notice/care and I’ve fed loads of places (trains, cafes, restaurants, parks). If you’re discrete it just looks like you’re hugging your baby.

    1. lesbemums says:

      Oooooo. That’s a good idea. I was going to get a nursing vest but your way saves money. Makes sense!

      That’s what I keep telling myself. I’m definitely creating issues that’s probably aren’t there. It’s just so alien to me, getting my boob out. I think it’s also part about practising to be discreet which doesn’t always work when someone is grabbing at my top. lol.

      Thanks, lovely. X

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