Patience is a Virtue…..Really?!

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  1. gabywithoneb says:

    stay positive! good luck!!

  2. I remember that, the whole waiting and the twiddling of thumbs. Looking at those negative pregnancy tests and wondering when will that time come around. You are so right, it will happen when the time is right! That’s totally been my new mantra in life 🙂 x

  3. 2aussiemammas says:

    The waiting SUCKS! I was definitely not a patient, calm, zen mummy to be while we were trying for Elijah.

    In saying that… TRY to find distractions during the TWW. I made lists, so many lists…

    Good luck this cycle!

  4. Hi.

    Thanks for all the comments – much appreciated.

    This TWW is certainly going quickly and to be honest, I haven’t even thought about it which is good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much aware of where I am in the cycle – but with work and everything I haven’t thought of it half as much as I did the first time.

    It’s certainly helped having such a supportive network. 🙂

    Thanks again.


  5. AndiePants says:

    Any news yet?

    1. Nope. Not yet. 🙁

      We’re going to be testing at the earliest on Thursday as that would be 2 weeks after ovulation.

      I’d even happily wait until I’m late (I’d rather not know than get a BFN).

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