MyFitnessPal - A Review -

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Rachael says:

I love that app!

Hello over from my blog (another queer baby-making/infertility blog) and also a user of MyFitnessPal. As a Personal Trainer I also often recommend it to my clients as a great tool to help them lose weight and/or keep track of their intake.

Hope to catch you later!

Amelia says:

Waving from another queer family blog (We’re getting ready to start TTC Baby #2, now that baby #1 is 16 years old!) And I love MyFitnessPal. It makes things very clear. I love that I can alter the percentages that I want my nutrients to come from so that I have a higher protein, lower carb diet. (PCOS friendly dieting! YAY!)

lesbemums says:

Hello! *waves* Thanks for the message.

Glad the app has worked for you also. It’s brilliant. It really wakes you up as to what food has in it – more often than not it’s bad!

I’m really enjoying it.

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