My First Midwife Appointment

I arrived at the local children’s centre waaaaaay too early (as usual). We only live about 10 minutes walking distance from the place, but for some reason I left at least 30 minutes prior to wanting to be 10 minutes early incase they were running early – so I was at least 45 minutes early.

Part of it was nerves (if you haven’t got that already) and part of it was sheer excitement. I was going to a MIDWIFE appointment. You only see these people when you’re Pregnant which means I had to be pregnant.

We had our godson over that week, so we couldn’t leave him at home whilst we went to the appointment – so although S came with me, with the godson and dog in tow, she had to wait outside. I was a bit saddened by this as I wanted her there, but never mind – there would be plenty for S to see later on. So whilst I was at the appointment, S took the opportunity to take the dog for a walk with the godson.

When the appointment came round, I finally met my midwife… both of them. Mine are both part time midwives, so job share. I already like one more than the other, although both are just as lovely. The one I like is Irish, frank, honest, and to the point (MW1). I can already tell I will be able to ask her anything. The other one is very fairy like (MW2), speaking very softly, which is calming and cuddly but I like the other one who is ballsy.

They explained that this appointment will be about gathering my information, filling in my pregnancy notes (PREGNANCY NOTES!) and generally explaining the process throughout pregnancy. The next appointment, which I mentioned a few posts ago, will be about taking my blood for various tests. Usually, upon speaking to other mums, they combine all this together, but understandably, it’s a lot to go thorough, so my midwives split the two which I felt was very thorough, organised, and considerate of mum who will be clearly in a daze still.

The appointment went as well as I could have imagined. I found out I was a low risk pregnancy and my BMI was out of the overweight section (WHOO HOO!). I’ve never been out of the overweight section. I apparently awed MW1 with our TTC journey as well as opened her eyes about Kinesiology (see, this is why MW1 is my favourite as she was more interested about Kinesiology than anything else. She explained straight away that she always promotes alternative medicine but hadn’t heard about Kinesiology – I love her). We got on so well.

The only thing I was shocked about was that I never had anything to confirm I actually was pregnant. Although I had pretty much taken a test a day until my midwife appointment, so I knew I was pregnant, I totally expected a blood or urine test to be taken to confirm for the midwife’s benefit. For all she knew, I could have been lying or very unwell. A lot of time would have been wasted on their part, not to mention paper (have you SEEN those pregnancy notes?). I was just expecting to confirm my pregnancy during the appointment (mainly for my own sanity) but apparently that’s not done anymore.

So apart from that, it all went swimmingly. They confirmed that they will be sending off my details to request a scan and that the date would come in the post within the next few weeks. She congratulated me and I went on my way. I then floated home and then went for a long nap.


This post was written when I was approx 7 weeks pregnant.

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