If you’re a regular reader of this blog, we’d like to say THANK YOU. It hasn’t been the most uplifting or positive of blogs recently, however the process to parenthood for two lesbians was never going to always be (I guess I need to start telling myself this) positive or uplifting. However, I just thought I’d say THANKS for hanging on in there with us.

I’d also like to say THANKS to the lovelies who take the time to comment. It is very much appreciated and we take feedback very seriously. We’re very new to this still so any feedback received is definitely taken on board. Likewise, we’re always very touched by the people who comment with such lovely supportive messages – it reminds us we’re not alone.

A THANK YOU also goes to the followers who wait and follow us despite the lack of posts. As mentioned, the process was never going to be a quick one and there never always going to be much to say during the process, it’s just that I never wanted to be one of those bloggers who writes about absolutely everything; partly because we wouldn’t have anything to write about for the bigger posts… but mainly because we don’t want to bore you.

We have a Twitter account (@lesbemums) for the little thoughts that fly in and out of our heads as well as the spur of the moment occurrences, but I feel that the blog should be for key events or useful bits. At least that’s what I think.

I’m sure, that when our little sprog arrives in the world one way or another we’ll have plenty to write about and review, but for time being it is very much about the process… And what a dull process it is!

Certainly, if you’re new to the process or just enjoy reading about our journey, and you would like to know more about the in’s and out’s, or what’s going on or gone on during our cycle, then let us know! As much as we like receiving feedback and advice, we’re more than happy to pass it on, also.

Finally, a special word goes out to all the women who are also trying. It is hard, and it will probably continue to be hard until that little gayby comes into your life but as long as we have each other for support and encouragement – confirming that we’re not alone in the process – then we’ll get through it, I’m sure. Listening and reading other stories has confirmed that I’m just as excited to hear news from someone else as I am with us. 


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  1. mambles92 says:

    When you finally reach the destination of your current journey, the baby in question will be so lucky to have such wonderfully kind and caring parents! Good luck guys <3 xxx

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