Life in Lockdown, Silver Linings and Feeling Grateful

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Kate Everall

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  1. Serina Marshall says:

    Hey guys, nice post. It’s really has been a difficult time for everyone, we shared a post about our Coronavirus Lockdown experience too. Our post is more a sorta list of what we’ve been doing. I didn’t wanna get too personal about our feelings during lockdown as P hates it when I do that. Lol!

    But I agree with you, we have found that the things we bickered over in the past seem less important now, and that everything seems more equal that we are both at home whereas before I dealt with the house and Tristan whilst P was at work.

    Although we miss the income, I really enjoy having her at home for however short a period it is. It’s nice having time together again as well as time to myself.

    Hope you three are all good this week? Take care. Xx

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