Our Holiday to Dorset (2018)

For this year’s family holiday, we decided to visit Dorset in the West Country. Although Cornwall will always have a special place in our heart, Dorset is a lot closer (a beautiful 3 hours from Brighton in comparison to 5-6 hours with good traffic) and is in close proximity to family. Plus, we hadn’t taken T to Dorset before outside of Camp Bestival!

Dorset is now becoming a very close second when it comes to the West Country. The beaches are gorgeous, the lifestyle is just as relaxed as Cornwall, and the cider is a pretty good compromise. I would move here in an instant and whenever we visit I always end up talking to Sharon about our imaginary house which is located near Sandbanks.

For this holiday, we decided to stay at a local Haven site in Weymouth. Last time when it was just me and Sharon we stayed in Poole, which is only a 40-45 minutes away so not a massive distance, but it meant certain excursions (eg. Monkey World!) were a lot closer this time round.

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Dreaming of Oversea Travel [AD]


T has always been a good traveller whenever we’ve gone on holiday. Regardless of distance, he’s generally happy to entertain himself by chatting to us about what’s going on outside, what we’re doing (a dozen times over) and where we’re going. When things get a bit dull or he doesn’t fancy sleeping, he’s also happy just chilling out on Hopster.

Seeing as he’s never been any trouble travelling, we’re really starting to think about going abroad – especially as he starts school next year (eek!) when travelling is likely to become more costly!

Although an airplane is very different to the comfort of your car – I think T would really enjoy being on a plane and up in the sky; looking at the clouds, not to mention having more room when it comes to his seat.

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Days Out: Middle Farm, Firle.

Last week, I took T to Middle Farm with his cousins for the afternoon. Middle Farm, although is one of the smaller farms we’ve been to, is a wonderful local’s farm and boasts lots of lovely local produce in their farm shop.

It’s also one of the cheaper farms (£5 per adult and under 3’s free) which makes re-visiting easy!

In what feels like the next instalment of ‘Farms You Can Visit in East Sussex’, Middle Farm is home to a small but lovely selection of animals. From llamas and donkeys to sheep, pigs, and cows, not to mention a huge array of rare breed, sandwich stealing Chickens! As well as ‘Hebdotch House’ for your Guinea Pigs & Rabbits!

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Days Out: Washbrook Farm, Hurstpierpoint

Last week, I took T to Washbrook Farm in Hurstpierpoint. It’s a new one for us as I only recently found out about it and seeing we seem to have a strange addiction to farms I decided to give it a visit.

It’s not the cheapest of farms I must admit, although T is still free as he’s under 3. Once he turns 3  though he is £6.50 and an adult is £7.50. When we went it only cost me £7.50 but if me and Sharon were to go it would cost us a hefty £15 for the day. Unless this is the going rate now (which means I’ve been incredibly lucky as most farms cost me £5), I found this to be a little steep. That being said, I soon found that the facilities such as toilets and picnic areas were decent, as well as the play equipment.

Anyway, located just down the road, about a 20 minute drive from Brighton via the A23, Washbrook Farm is your typical farm with various play areas, farm animals (duh!) and a cafe. There’s also a soft play on site with a ‘Barn Yard’ attached which is home to tons of ride on tractors and pedal toys.

We visited on quite a chilly day, which was actually a bonus as it was really quiet! We almost had the farm to ourselves at one point. When we arrived, we put on our wellies, hats and raincoats, and began our tour!

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Things to do in Brighton on a Budget. 

A T get’s older, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find new places to go as well as places that are relatively cheap still. Although T is free most of the time, he’s slowly entering that danger zone of not being free anymore! I’ve also been quite lucky that folk haven’t challenged him/me as some days he certainly doesn’t look two!

Sadly, a lot of places that T would probably enjoy now do cost, and sometimes quite a lot! At first, £3-£5 isn’t much, but do that 2-3 times a month on my day off, plus parking at some places and petrol, the cost soon ads up! I’m always on the look out for, lets face it, a freebie.

We’re lucky enough to be able to afford our yearly national trust; which means we can visit places as many times as we like without the need for extra cash, but sometimes we just want something a bit more local or something that doesn’t require a whole day. Living close to Brighton means there’s always something on, whether it’s a festival or exhibition, and a lot of the time these events are free – but there’s also a ton of other things to do if you decide to randomly rock up one day unplanned.

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Bluestone: What To Do On Site [AD – Press Trip]

Whenever we go on holiday, we don’t often spend much time on site as we like to spend our holiday exploring the local area. We’re usually up and out the door early and then not back until late afternoon. We certainly don’t think about doing any activities, watching any of the shows, or eating on site.

Although we’re often too busy or tired, over the years we’ve found that the food on site isn’t always that great and the entertainment is somewhat lacking in… entertainment! For us, the main purpose of the resort is to eat and sleep comfortably in our accommodation, as well as maybe do a bit of shopping or spend a few pennies in the arcade (who doesn’t?).

We may spend an hour walking around the park if it’s a particularly pretty one, or pop to the pool for an hour before it closes, but generally we just go back and forth between our caravan because, to be honest, the facilities aren’t always that great.

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