Night Out: An Evening with Zippo’s Circus, Hove Lawns (Review) [AD]

This time almost one year ago was when T experienced his very first Circus. It was truly fantastic, magical even. It was jaw dropping. T was silent for two hours apart from to ask for Popcorn! That’s how much of a good time we had.

In an age of technology, where entertainment is often sought via a screen, tablet, or console, it was wonderful to step back in time somewhat and watch some real-life entertainment in front of you.

Therefore, when Zippo’s Circus returned to Hove Lawns to celebrate 250 years of Circus, there was no way I was going to decline the invitation to watch their new show. T is a year older than last time therefore he was bound to see the show in a whole new light.

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Friday Night at The Circus!

The last time I went to the Circus was when I was a small child, and from what I can remember it was a magical experience (minus the clowns – not keen on those buggers). There was always such amazement, mystery and wonder to the show, and the performers were always super human to me.

I’m not really sure why we never went again, but whenever the circus came to town it always made the town fill with excitement – especially in my day because there’d be a few more ‘exotic’ animals on show.

So when we were invited to Hove Lawns to see Zippo’s Circus new show called ‘Jigit’ (which means brave and skillful) we were beyond excited. For Sharon, she’d never been to a circus, and this would have been T’s first ever experience of a circus too!

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A Spontaneous Night Out with Malmaison, Brighton Marina

Last weekend we randomly won a Twitter competition after answering a question the folks over at Malmaison had posed to us…

But after realising childcare would be near impossible the impossible happened…

Talk about good PR!

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