Night Out: An Evening with Zippo’s Circus, Hove Lawns (Review) [AD]

This time almost one year ago was when T experienced his very first Circus. It was truly fantastic, magical even. It was jaw dropping. T was silent for two hours apart from to ask for Popcorn! That’s how much of a good time we had.

In an age of technology, where entertainment is often sought via a screen, tablet, or console, it was wonderful to step back in time somewhat and watch some real-life entertainment in front of you.

Therefore, when Zippo’s Circus returned to Hove Lawns to celebrate 250 years of Circus, there was no way I was going to decline the invitation to watch their new show. T is a year older than last time therefore he was bound to see the show in a whole new light.


Until the 28th August, Zippo’s Circus is celebrating the 250th anniversary of Circus with their ‘Legacy’ tour at Hove Lawns; paying homage to Philip Astley who invented the sensation that is circus in 1768.

Sharon had to work that evening, so I decided to treat T’s cousins, my mum and my sister to their very first circus. They didn’t know what to expect but they were excited nonetheless – Zippo’s is one of those names you just instantly know.

Arriving for their 7:30pm show, we were seated in the ringside area and had prime viewing of the centre area. There was a lovely buzz in the air as seats were very quickly filled with excited families. The children were sat in front of us and didn’t stop looking around and playing with their new flashing toys that they had recently acquired.

As soon as the show began they were giddy but quickly fell silent. T’s older cousin actually does gymnastics at school, so this was the perfect place for him to be.

The pace of the show isn’t too fast, but doesn’t leave room for your eyes to drift. There are acrobatics, gymnasts, and stunt performers that take your breath away, often performing without a safety net, as well as characters that make you laugh. One of our favourite performers was Paulo Dos Santos, who is not only an aerialist and gymnast but a brilliant brilliant dancer. I instantly fell in love with his character. He was a joy to watch.

A new addition to the show (for us anyway) was Clown Totti and his wife Charlotte, who is one of the most beautiful clowns I have ever seen (and I don’t often like clowns!) When they were together performing they were electric. Other times, when Totti was on his own, I was left with tears in my eyes through laughter. Later, when he was joined by one of his sons I was the one left speechless.

The Next Generation

This year also welcomed several younger performers. As well as Clown Totti’s son, who certainly gave him a run for his money, there were also the Garcia brothers (aged 11 and 16) who are the sons of a husband and wife duo also performing with Zippo’s. They are a family of incredible acrobats, and these young men give hope to the future of circus. It truly is a family affair.

As well as lots of new material, such as daredevil acrobats flying out of rockets and the Hermansito Troupe, who excel at Springboard and Russian Bar skills, there was still room for the classics such as The Khadikov Riders and the sensational budgies by Ringmaster Norman Barrett MBE.

There was no question that everyone had a brilliant time and I would recommend giving Zippo’s Circus a visit. The show was exciting and fun and we left wanting more – we may even pay them another visit before they leave. The show is running until the end of October, but only until the end of August for Hove Lawns. You can find out more here. Tickets start at £9, but there are plenty of discount codes on Twitter and Facebook!

We were invited to Zippo’s Circus in exchange for an honest review, however all thoughts, opinions, and imagery are our own.

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