Hopster: What We’ve Been Viewing and Why You Should Get It!

It’s been quite a few months since we first started using Hopster and I’m pleased to say that I’ve totally embraced the use of apps, although still in moderation. If you had asked me pre-toddler I would have said no way – but with apps becoming more and more educational, it’s easy to see their charm – especially if they allow you a shower and a toilet break.

T now knows how to get around the app confidently – without needing us to get him back to the show he was watching – although it didn’t take long as it’s super easy to use! He happily explores the app and loves coming across new games or TV shows.

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Hopster TV: Review

Before T was born, we always agreed that TV would be one of those things we wouldn’t introduce until T “was older”. What that meant is still a mystery to this day, but what we were certain of was that we didn’t want to rely on TV to be a main source of entertainment / education or distraction.

From what I can remember, I think we introduced T to TV just after he turned one and even then it was limited. Even now, T has around an hour in the morning so I can prepare lunches and dinners before I need to go to work. It’s even less when it’s my day off or when both Sharon and I are at home.

Sure, TV has it’s uses – it plays a big part in stimulating different parts of the brain and, in my opinion, it’s just another way of telling a story or teaching something, and now-a-days it teaches children an array of subjects. Anything from diversity, to different cultures and lifestyles, to what the rest of the world looks like. As time has gone on though, we’ve noticed a huge reoccurring problem with most children’s TV, repetition and ADVERTS.

Now a days we have one main channel that we watch, but as with most TV, you start to see the same episodes over and over again, and and if I’m getting bored, T is bound to get bored. If you switch channels you then run the risk of spending 10 minute of your life watching awful adverts, so we ventured outside our regular viewing one day and gave Hopster a try.

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