Hopster: What We’ve Been Viewing and Why You Should Get It!

It’s been quite a few months since we first started using Hopster and I’m pleased to say that I’ve totally embraced the use of apps, although still in moderation. If you had asked me pre-toddler I would have said no way – but with apps becoming more and more educational, it’s easy to see their charm – especially if they allow you a shower and a toilet break.

T now knows how to get around the app confidently – without needing us to get him back to the show he was watching – although it didn’t take long as it’s super easy to use! He happily explores the app and loves coming across new games or TV shows.

Over the past couple months, T has really grown with the app. He’s mastered games, found his favourites when it comes to audio books and tv shows, as well as enjoyed a few familiar songs in the music area. I’ve even changed phones in this time and it was really quick to get the app downloaded and logged in again. At the moment, his favourites are:


Monster Match – A shape sorter / matching game where you fit shapes into various holes to create different monsters.

Sheep Count – A counting game where you tap the amount of sheep the corresponding number.

Share – A game that requires more skill than other games. All you have to do is drag a trampoline under the various Hopsters to keep them bouncing – but watch out for those more demanding Hopsters!


In the Night Garden, Thomas & Friends, and Bob the Builder. 


Mog The Forgetful Cat and  The Bippolo Seed (and other stories) by Dr. Seuss.

In addition, there’s also an extra treat running at the moment where you can enjoy animated stories by Julia Donaldson, including The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom (T’s Favourite book of all time), and The Gruffalo’s Child. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Room on the Broom as it features voices by Simon Pegg and Timothy Spall!!

Parent Friendly

As a parent, the app has also grown with me. Every month, especially if T has been particularly busy on the app, I receive an update via email detailing what he’s been doing and what his favourites are.

I also receive some really interesting information, such as the amount of ads he would have seen if he was watching TV shows elsewhere, as well as what I could have done in the time that he’s spent on the app (cooking, reading, etc). This is a really nice touch as, for me, it makes me feel less guilty about allowing him time on the app – even more so if I’ve managed to complete some tasks!

What’s great is that as T gets older there will be new things for him to explore – not just because of new updates – but because certain things that may not grab him at the moment will do later. Things such as the drawing area or the growing area.

I really cannot stress how refreshing it’s been to have something safe and portable with us when we’re on long car journey’s or when we want a lazy morning in bed. I have no concerns about the content available and love the fact that the app is being updated regularly – resulting in limited boredom!

The good thing about Hopster is that you can also download items, so you don’t necessarily need wifi to view or play on the app – meaning long car journeys are stress-free!  Plus, you don’t run the risk of rogue content getting through like YouTube!

We were offered a free trial of Hopster in exchange for an honest review, however, this has now expired. Therefore, we are under no obligation to write this review, however we think Hopster is great so we wanted to share our thoughts.
As ever, all thoughts, opinions, and images are our own.

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