Protest with hands and flags in the air.

The Definition of Allyship

This post has probably been in the making for a year or so. I’ve chipped away at it when I’ve needed to vent, but stopped when it came from a perspective of anger, so I’ve dipped in and out of it. But, as time’s gone on, what was once a post that had intentions to (calmly) inform and educate has now turned into the post, that I thought I didn’t want it to be but, it probably should have been.

I actually write better when I’m angry, but I wanted to try and write this from a place of nurturing, understanding, and logic, but I’m no longer understanding. I’m actually quite frustrated. But I still didn’t want this to be a mess of angry words jumbled together. I wanted this to be just right, so it’s taken me some time. But I think I’m there.

Over the past year I’ve stopped and started it, deleted and recovered it a few times, changed the main focus, and generally dumped words. It’s been with me through Pride, Mental Health Awareness Week, LGBTQ History Month, Trans Awareness Week, OCD Awareness Week, you name it. It’s actually been quite cathartic – at one point I didn’t even know whether I actually wanted to publish. But, after whats been happening more recently in both my personal life and ‘online’ world, I’ve come to the decision that I just need to say what I want to say with no apologies.

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