Toddler Talk: Vol. 1


Haha – I would love it if they were his actual words and not things you’ve misheard – try putting all of those things into the same sentence. L’s now at a point where she’s talking loads – it doesn’t seem that long ago that she was at T’s age. How quickly they develop is remarkable. Enjoy it 🙂

Kate Everall says:

haha! If you combined them all it would make an awesome episode of 24!

I’m always astonished when I look back, even by a few months. Things are changing so quickly that I don’t realise he’s doing something or not doing something anymore. I’m loving it so far, just wish it would slow down even a teeny bit.

Haha I love this! Toddler mispronunciations are the best, it’s rubbish when they start talking properly and become a little less hilarious!

RachelSwirl says:

Oh it’s so lovely when they start talking!

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