11 Month Update

It’s been a busy one this month. I honestly don’t know where Febrary went.

In just over a month, we’ll be celebrating T’s FIRST birthday. We’ve just started getting bits ready, although we’re far from done. We’re trying not to go OTT, but you’re also only one once!

T has (finally) been busy getting himself mobile, with activities such as pulling himself up and a semi bum-shuffle being the favourites.

T now has no problem lunging forward when he wants something, regardless of whether he’s sat on his own or on me. If he wants it, he’ll grab it and coordinates his legs nicely now to manuever himself.

He’s also slowly grasping the way legs can move you forward! Over the past two weeks he’s started moving his left leg forward and backward, which then started to loosen his right but after an afternoon at nana’s he managed to take a few steps forward with the help of mama.

His movement definitely comes in random bouts though. One minute he’s pulling himself up and almost cruising around the sofa, the next he’s sat and refusing all effort to get the toy that’s near him. It’s very frustrating.

Weaning has been pretty spot on this month with only a few days where he’s been a little wotsit and not eaten a thing, but then those days have correlated with days where he’s either had a heavy meal the night before or he’s teething. It really is a learning game for me, as much as it is him.

His favourite food at the moment is pasta, egg, and blueberries. He’s now stopped eating banana, but has found a new love for grapes!

I’m now starting to wonder when “weaning” becomes “weaned”? T is boobing less now, with his morning feed only lasting 5-10 minutes after which he then starts wanting breakfast.

It seems his biggest feeds are before his nap at 10:30am and bedtime from 6:30pm. He’ll still have little “drinks” but he’s certainly not asking for as much and sometimes he’ll even take a snack instead!

He’s starting to sleep through more often than not, although when teeth disrupts this he’ll still only wake the once which isn’t bad. I’ve also changed his nappy to a more luxurious brand for nighttime – this seems to be helping.

The last week of February was tainted with illness, with the household all coming down with gastroenteritis. It was awful. Sickness before a child is a walk in the park, seriously. You can curl up on the sofa and just wallow. With the child, that’s out of the question. They don’t wallow in self-pity or cuddle up on the sofa to watch a film, nope, they just get on with things and maybe moan for a little bit before being sick. Therefore, have to keep up with them, and it’s tough. Really tough. Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours, but it was the longest 24 hours of our lives.

Finally, and most importantly, T is a year next month. We finally left the ‘denial’ stage last week and have accepted a year has passed in a blink of an eye. We’re preparing a small (ish) party at home with family but am hoping to do an extended, mass get-together a few weeks later with friends once we can guarantee nice weather. Part of us (me) wants to do a themed party (I was made for birthday parties) but we (S) thinks it’ll be wasted on a one year old. I do somewhat agree with this but I also want his first birthday to be frickin awesome, so I’m torn. I’m also aware of how expensive theming a party can be so perhaps we should make the most out of the only opportunity we’ll probably have to have a cheap (ish) party.

Maybe I’ll just go back to the denial stage and ignore this whole ‘T turning one thing’.


4 thoughts on “11 Month Update

  1. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    Ahhh I do love a bum shuffle! He is such a cute little thing, I’m sorry you guys experienced your first mass sickness bug, how miserable! Cor, I am jealous of him mostly sleeping through! And boobing less!

    Now I think about Arlo has stopped eating Banana too. How weird!

    Thank you for linking up! See you for the big one!

  2. Leanne Cornelius says:

    Aria is a pro bum shuffler now, her and T seem to be quite similar developmentally, you’ll be wanting a play pen for him shortly ha! I can’t leave Aria alone for five minutes nowadays because she has shuffled to something that she shouldn’t have.
    We seem to be the pros of baby sickness in this house at the moment, I agree, it really is awful. I’m glad you’re all better now.
    I think themed parties are amazing, but I would say that after just wasting a load of money on one!

  3. Sarah (@tobygoesbananas) says:

    He’s so cute! Being one is a big milestone and like you say it only happens once but I’m in a big believer in not spending a fortune on birthdays (or Christmas’ for that matter) that they’re not going to remember! #whatmykiddid

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