YuCoCo Chocolate Bar – Review

If you’re anything like me, you love your chocolate. You like to eat it, drink it, even shower in it in the form of a scented shower gel. So when the lovely people at YuCoCo asked whether we would like to review one of their bespoke chocolate bars, we couldn’t resist.

The makers at YuCoCo create handmade and unique chocolate bars just for you. Simply go online, pick what chocolate you’d like as your base (you can choose dark, milk, white, or all three), and then choose what you’d like in your chocolate bar. From over 50 different toppings ranging from popping candy to jelly beans, you’re sure to find something you like. Finally, choose a drizzle to go on top.  The bars really do vary in price depending on the toppings you choose but at the end of the day, you’re asking someone to make you a personalised chocolate bar so I think they’re well worth the price. 

Once complete you can then name your bar and either send it to yourself or send it as a gift with a message. We chose to create a “Beansprout” milk chocolate bar, a bar to specifically open when Beansprout arrived, with the following toppings; honeycomb, popcorn, toffee curls, and popping candy, with a white chocolate drizzle (worth approx £11).

The bar (more like slab) is about the size of a small kindle and is surprisingly thick. The toppings are generously spread throughout the bar and, most importantly, the chocolate base is delicious. Absolutely delicious. It didn’t take us long to devour, although once finished we didn’t need anymore – we were stuffed and on a suitable sugar high.

The idea of YuCoCo is unique and really sweet (pun intended) and if I were to be sent a handmade, bespoke chocolate bar with my favourite fillings as a present, I’d be really pleased. What I like about this the most (apart from the taste) is that it fits any occasion.


We were given the opportunity to create our very own YuCoCo Chocolate bar for the purpose of this review, however our opinion remains our own. 

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