From Weaning to Potty Training with Oxo Tot (Review) [AD]

Turning your little baby into a fully fledged human is a never ending journey, starting with weaning at 6 months to getting them to use the potty between the age of 2 and 3 (telling you when they need to use it, however, is a different story!). Raising a child is a constant, but rewarding (in the end), challenge and if I can find items to make things easier then I’m all for that.

At the moment, we’re currently in the midst of potty training so decided to purchase a travel potty from Oxo Tot as we liked the design. Following on from this, we were then invited to test out a range of other products by Oxo Tot to assist not only with T’s potty training but with his appetite too!


One of Oxo Tot‘s biggest ranges is the feeding and drinking section. Within this section we tested out the Transitions™ Soft Spout Sippy Cup Set which is a multi-functional drinking cup that starts with your baby and ends with your toddler (and beyond) thanks to an array of changes that the cup can make.

T started his testing at the last stage where he used the cup with the training lid on top. Although the training lid can’t promise zero spillage, it sure beats an open cup worth of spillage. This lid also boasts two settings (fast or slow) to travel with the child’s preference/ability as well as handy measurement markings so you can see how much your baby has consumed.

The rest of the cup includes a soft, almond shaped spout to fit baby’s pallet with leakproof valve, as well as a comfortable grip for easy handling.

Snack Time

During snack time, T also tested out the Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover. Even at the ripe old age of two, we still sometimes use a snack pot with a one-way in style lid as Oscar has a habit of clearing up after the toddler’s meal times, and we don’t fancy him eating his raisins or chocolate buttons!

We’ve tested out other similar snack pots in the past and found that T was more interested in getting the lid off, and because most of them are pull off lids, it worked! This is not the case with this snack pot. For starters, it’s a screw on lid.

It also comes with a travel cover for on-the-go feeding as well as a non-slip handle shaped for sticky, little hands. The flexible opening means hands can reach in at any direction and not miss out on the last blueberry.


Mealtimes can still be a messy affair, especially if we’re having spaghetti for tea or if we have friends round and T fancies showing off. With this, we tested out the roll up bib which also acts as a travel bib thanks to the ability of the bib being able to roll into the silicone pocket and then be fastened shut.

Along with mealtime, we also tested out the fork and spoon set and the training plate; which comes with removable, non-slip ring on the base.

T is always hit and miss with his cutlery – mainly because he can be too lazy to keep trying. But 90% of the time he gives it a good go and enjoys copying his mummy and mama. One thing he does enjoy is choosing his cutlery before mealtimes, and over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that he’s chosen this cutlery a lot more.

Whether it’s due to the bright colours or rounded handles, I don’t know. But he certainly manipulates his food a lot easier with this shorter cutlery set than the traditional, more longer and straighter, children’s cutlery set.

Depending on the meal, T can make a right mess of his plate and the mat underneath his plate – mainly because he is sometimes ends up chasing the food around the plate. Thanks to Oxo Tot‘s training plate, things like peas and sweetcorn can be captured a lot easier, and when your child is confident using both the knife and fork (T is almost there!) the plate ring can be removed.

The plate also helps parents with it’s non-slip base and extra weight within the plate to assist in stability on the highchair or table. It’s also dishwasher and microwavable friendly.


In addition to their weaning products, Oxo Tot also offer a ‘bath’ section where you can find their toilet training seats and 2-in-1 Potty. We purchased this ourselves when we started taking potty training seriously and when T started asking to go to the toilet before and after swimming!

Although I love weaning products, I’m proud to say that potty training is where we’re at now so anything to make this period easier is a winner in my eyes, and this does just that. Not only is the 2-in-1 Potty a standalone seat, the legs can also be fold out for use on a bigger toilet if the floor isn’t suitable or they prefer to use the bigger throne.

For use as a standalone, simply place a disposable bag (Oxo Tot also have their own that come with absorbent pads inside) inside the toilet and push the handles into the rubber grip holes to prevent leakage. Your little one can then sit down and pee freely.

For use as a potty seat on the toilet, just press the buttons underneath to click the legs out and place onto the toilet. The seat is designed for little bottoms to prevent splatter and the surfaces are easy to clean. The potty also comes with a travel bag (and three disposable bags).


One of the good things about Oxo Tot is that a lot of their items can be adapted for on-the go feeding (and peeing!). Whether it’s an additional lid on their snack or drinking cups, or a travel bag to go with their potty – convenience for the parent has been taken into consideration.

What I also love about Oxo Tot is that their designs all link in with each other like a uniform. There are no hard corners – everything is rounded and smooth – and the colours are bold. I like how every thought has been put into making sure an item can be used to it’s potential – whether it’s the fact that most items can be transitioned for the older child. So may times have I seen other items stop at a certain age, meaning you have to buy the next one up!

Although T has out grown some of the features mentioned in the ranges above, it doesn’t mean we can’t save the items for younger family members and friend’s children when they pop round – meaning we will be able to get maximum use out of the product. Perfect!


We were sent the Transitions™ Soft Spout Sippy Cup Set,  the Flippy™ Snack Cup  with Travel Cover, the roll up bib,  the fork and spoon set,  the training plate with removable ring, for the purpose of an honest review, however all thoughts, opinions, and images are our own.


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