Preparing for Christmas with Joseph Joseph and the Index™ Steel

Emma says:

Eeekkk we love Joseph Joseph too & this looks like a fantastic addition to anyone’s kitchen

I don’t have these chopping boards but they sound so sturdy and handy! The non-slip element must make so much difference! I could do with this set. Polly x

Jen Walshaw says:

We have the old version of this and it must be about 12 years old and it still looks fabulous. We love Joseph and Joseph

Kate Everall says:

That’s the great thing about Joseph Joseph – They last! Thanks for commenting!

These would make such a fab addition to our kitchen, I have an odd sized collection of chopping boards shoved in a cupboard! Definitely going to switch to these.

Kate Everall says:

Haha! I know what you mean. We used to have a drawer of all shapes and sizes (mainly because they were cheap and bent in the wash!) Thanks for commenting!

Donna says:

I love chopping boards like this, so handy having different colours and great to have somewhere to store them too x

Kate Everall says:

That’s what I love about them. I have a drawer full of previous boards that are just knackered or out of shape. These are a different league!

These sound great, I love the idea of having a storage solution for a chopping board and they boards themselves sound great too, fab that you can’t see where it has been cut.

I had no idea each of the boards had different surfaces to ensure they could do their designated job well, that’s so clever and of course Joseph Joseph products just always look so iconic too. Mich x

These look amazing, I’m always at a loss of where to store our chopping boards but this is great!

We love Joseph Joseph! Very jealous as our chopping boards are quite old now (although still going strong) and these look fab! Xx

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