Preparing for Christmas with Joseph Joseph (Review) [AD]

Two weeks ago we were asked to review the Joseph Joseph Index™ Steel chopping boards to help us prepare for Christmas.

We’ve always been genuine fans of Joseph Joseph and have a numberof their items dotted around our kitchen, and will no doubt collect more items over the next few years. We just like their style, their simplicity, and their quality. So when we were invited to review an item from their Christmas range we were beyond excited.

Index Steel

The Index™ Steel is one of five chopping board sets from the Index™ range and, in my opinion, an upgrade from the original Index™ but one grade lower than the Index™ with Knives.


Four colour coded boards (34 × 24 cm (13½ x 9½ inches)) with non-slip feet.

Fingerprint-proof stainless steel case (38 × 25 × 8.5 cm (15 × 10 × 3½ inches)) with non-slip base.

Knife-friendly cutting surfaces.

Dishwasher Friendly.


The red board is for prepping raw meat and has a sloping rim with a surrounding groove to catch run away juices.


The white board is for pre-cooked food that you need to prepare, for example; eggs, and has crumb catching grooves across the board.


The blue board is for preparing fish and boasts a raised fish-grip along the middle for easy prep work.


The green board is for all fruit and vegetables and also features a sloping rim for the purpose of catching juice.

First Impressions

My initial impression was that it was incredibly bulky and I wondered how it would fit in our already busy galley kitchen, however where it takes up room in width, it gives back with depth. It is as slim as it can be whilst storing four chopping boards – so pretty good, actually. We’re able to store ours behind our jars or our mixer, as the tabs provide east access to the boards without having to move anything (or the actual case), but I’ve seen others store theirs on a windowsill.

The grip on the storage base is extremely sturdy and it takes some effort to move the case without lifting it. It is an impressive weight and stands proud and sturdy in our kitchen. There are even little dividers in-between each board for easy access or if you’re exceptionally concerned about cross contamination even after cleaning.

Another apprehension with the boards (and something that put me off using the boards for a good 24 hours!) was how long they would stay smooth and ‘new’ looking. As with most chopping boards, they don’t often stay pristine after initial use, and especially after cleaning, however this is not the case with the Index™ Steel.

We have used ours every day since we received them (sometimes more than once in a day), not to mention placed them in the dishwasher a few times and they are just as smooth and straight (anyone else’s chopping boards bend in the dishwasher?!) as they were when we slid them out of their box. The grip feet are as good as new and the tabs haven’t faded or lost any of their colour. There also doesn’t seem to be any discolouration on the actual boards despite preparing some pretty colourful foods!


I knew that I would probably love the Index™ Steel chopping boards, however it didn’t stop me taking the time think about the apprehensions I mention above. The boards are worth £75 and taking my initial thoughts into consideration I would honestly pay that if I had the choice.

They are good quality chopping boards with a decent storage facility, and they look smart. They’re not garish and would likely fit in with most kitchens. We also have a selection of knives in our house and not one of them has made even an indent into the plastic, and likewise the boards don’t seem to have effected the knives (i.e blunting).

Whether you’re a three-person or six-person family, have a large kitchen or small kitchen, these boards will likely come in very handy and assist in preparation in ways you didn’t realise you needed. My favourite board has got to be the white cooked food board. How annoying are crumbs?

Have you got these boards? What do you think?

We were given an Index™ Steel Chopping Board set in exchange for an honest review, however as always, all thoughts and opinions our are own.

12 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas with Joseph Joseph (Review) [AD]

  1. Leanne Cornelius says:

    These would make such a fab addition to our kitchen, I have an odd sized collection of chopping boards shoved in a cupboard! Definitely going to switch to these.

    • Kate Everall says:

      Haha! I know what you mean. We used to have a drawer of all shapes and sizes (mainly because they were cheap and bent in the wash!) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Donna says:

    I love chopping boards like this, so handy having different colours and great to have somewhere to store them too x

    • Kate Everall says:

      That’s what I love about them. I have a drawer full of previous boards that are just knackered or out of shape. These are a different league!

  3. Plutonium Sox says:

    These sound great, I love the idea of having a storage solution for a chopping board and they boards themselves sound great too, fab that you can’t see where it has been cut.

  4. Michelle Twin Mum says:

    I had no idea each of the boards had different surfaces to ensure they could do their designated job well, that’s so clever and of course Joseph Joseph products just always look so iconic too. Mich x

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