T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar 2017 – Week One

This year, we’ve decided to do T a book advent instead of a chocolate advent calendar. It’s something we were introduced to last year and thought it was a lovely idea. Don’t get us wrong, T still enjoys a little chocolate treat in the form of a chocolate coin in with the book (we’re not that strict), but it means we have something to show for our cash.

Although a book advent is a little bit more expensive than (some of) your high street chocolate advent calendars, it’s not as expensive as you would think. There’s actually a ton of places that do deals on bundles of books, plus, there’s always charity shops!

Every week I’m going to be sharing the books T has found in his advent calendar – I’d love to know if you’ve read some of these!

Week One

Friday 1st December

Master Tracks’s Train – by Ahlberg & Amstutz

This was a brilliant start to the advent as T is train mad! This story is about a train conductor’s son who saves the train from a family of dastardly crooks!

Saturday 2nd December

The Pirate Who Said Please – by Timothy Knapman

This is a sweet book about the importance of saying please, and how rudeness will get you nowhere!

Sunday 3rd December

Mr Creep the Crook – by Ahlberg & Amstutz

This story is about a robber who decides to break out of prison but then has to decide whether being bad is such a good idea!

Monday 4th December

Monstersaurus – by Claire Freedman & Ben Cost

This is a fantastic story about a boy who creates monsters with a special machine, but suddenly something happens to his machine!

Tuesday 5th December

Little Giraffe’s BIG Idea – by Benjamin Richards & Louise Forshaw

This is a really sweet story about a giraffe who tries to disguise himself as other jungle animals in an effort to play with others. A great story about friendship and accepting others.

Wednesday 6th December

The Perfect Job for an Elephant – by Jodie Parachini & Caroline Pedler

This is a story about a little elephant who decides that it’s time to find a job. But what job can you do as an elephant?

Thursday 7th December

Pip & Posy: The Scary Monster – by Axel Scheffler 

Probably one of the shorter stories, but they make up for it in the artwork and quality of the book. I really love this series and this story tells the story of Posy, a very familiar monster and their day together.

I’m hoping our plan to do a book advent will continue throughout the years as it’s added a wonderful treat to the end of the day. T seems to be enjoying it, although I’m thinking the chocolate coin is a contributing factor!

Have you done a book advent? Where do you source your books from? Have you read any of these?

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