T’s Reads: Book Advent Calendar 2018 – Week Two

Another week, another week of book advents completed. I’ve actually now forgotten what books we’ve bought T, so it’s now become bit of a surprise for us too! 

If you haven’t read what we found during our first week, you can read about this here.

This week has been really fun. We’ve had a lovely variety of stories and had quite a few laughs along the way. Oddly though, looking back at all the books we’ve found so far, the one thing that’s stood out this year are the amount of books that feature animals in them as their main characters.

This then made me look at T’s other books to see what they featured, and this also showed a huge amount of animals. It’s not that I have an issue with this, I’m now just curious as to why that is? 

Anyway, I digress.

Week Two

Saturday 8th December

Are We There Yet? by Melanie Joyce & Cesar Samaniego

Little Bear and Daddy Bear set off on a long journey, meeting new forest friends along the way.

This is a really sweet story about exploration and finding new places, and how the longest journeys are often the most rewarding.

Sunday 9th December

Don’t Wake the Bear Hare! by Steve Smallman & Caroline Pedler

It’s the Spring Party today, and the animals must not wake the bear, who’s recently been found sleeping in their tree! This beautifully illustrated book – a second bear related book! – is a really lovely story with a pleasant surprise at the end. 

Monday 10th December

Say Hello to The Jungle Animals. by Ian Whybrow & Ed Eaves

The second book in the ‘Say Hello…’ series, with this one telling a story about the Jungle Animals and who Baby Elephant meets along the way.

Just like the others in the series, this is quite a short book, but it’s still a nice read at the end of the day – especially if the reader gets involved with a few jungle animals noises! 

Tuesday 11th December

It Wasn’t Me! by Lucy Barnard

This story is about two naughty twins, Oscar and Ella, and how their poor dog Patch gets the blame for everything THEY do! This is probably one of the first books we’ve found in the advent, so far, that teaches the reader a lesson – with this story telling the reader about lying and it’s consequences. 

We really liked this book and we easily spent a good few extra minutes talking to T about what was happening in the pages and what he thought was right and wrong.  

Wednesday 12th December

The Great Monster Hunt. by Norbert Landa

A little exaggeration goes a long way in this book, after Pig and all their friends go on a journey to find the “Monster” that’s under Goose’s bed. Despite being one of the longer stories this week, it’s an exciting tale of friendship and adventure. 

Thursday 13th December

Pirates Love Underpants. by Claire Freedman & Ben Cort.

This one gave T the proper giggles thanks to the amount of times we mentioned the word ‘Pants’. Unbeknownst to us though, this is another book that’s part of a larger collection of books about underpants (!), with this book being the continuation of the ‘Aliens Love Underpants…’ series.

This one takes places on-board the ‘Black Bloomer’; journey-bound to find the ‘Golden Underpants’ but not without a few mishaps along the way thanks to another Pirate crew who are also looking to find the treasure.

Friday 14th December

Dogs Don’t Do Ballet. by Anna Kemp. 

I honestly can’t believe we don’t have this one in our collection already – especially with the amount of times I’ve read it at the library. 

Don’t Don’t Do Ballet is a WONDERFUL story about being who you want to be and not giving up – despite others telling you otherwise. It’s a really really fun read and is one we will absolutely read time and time again.

This was by far our favourite read of the week. 

And that’s week two! As usual, the weeks are flying by! I’d love to know if you’re doing a book advent this year. If so, where did you source all your books? What are your favourites so far? Have you read any of the ones featured?

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