My Last Shift

My last day was great – obviously a lot shorter due to working less hours than normal (from around 32 weeks I decided to drop down from 8-10 hour shifts to a nicer 6 hour shift as I ended up coming home in agony thanks to back/sciatic pain and SPD pain) but I still had a blast, and did very little work!

When someone leaves the tradition is to usually get “dirty refs”/take-away as your last meal together, so in keeping with tradition we got take-away, however I fought with everyone to let me decided to buy and got a couple of pizzas in which I thought would be a nice treat. Feeding 8 grown men is easier said than done when you’re watching the wallet and they have stomachs the size of tanks, but thanks for deal hunting and I did it!

As mentioned, I work in a team of boys solely boys and behave/get treated as their old sister, younger sister, and mother all at once so I didn’t really expect anything special for my last day; maybe a card, as most of the time it would be me reminding them to do something like this. Plus, my work don’t usually do anything like a collection until after the baby has arrived, so I was quite content with nothing happening.

However, during said last meal my team suddenly topped my treat with these…

I got a huge, gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a mini orchid, a massive carrot and walnut cake (my favourite!) and a card. The cake was actually planned weeks in advance and was baked by one of the boy’s mums which one of the boys ALSO had to travel by train to collect as they only have a moped as their mode of transport – that hit a heartstring for me. They also hinted that more will be on the way once fidget arrives! It was magical, and if they’d caught me a week ago I would have cried my eyes out. They really blew my last shift out of the water and made me feel very loved – it was special.

My team is like a second family to me which made leaving so very hard – I really didn’t want to say goodbye. I know it’s not forever and I’ll still speak to them via various social media forums, and don’t get me wrong I couldn’t wait to generally get the hell out so I could start the wind down for this baby, but when I’ve been used to seeing the boys almost every day I get used to them being part of my day. They’re a part of my life, so now not having that regular contact will feel very strange.

Once fidget is born we’re planning to “wet the baby’s head” and I’ll no doubt take fidget into work so they can meet their many “uncles” (and so I can have a catch up/gossip) but it’s still very alien knowing that at the moment, I’m not going back.


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  1. Lindsay says:

    How wonderful! I love getting surprised like that. Your team truly values you & cares about you. What an amazing feeling, eh?

    • lesbemums says:

      It really is! We’re pretty close but I genuinely didn’t think they would go this far! I didn’t expect a thing so it was such a surprise! x

  2. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    Ahhh, bless their (probably very big) cotton socks! I finished two weeks ago now (athough today is actually the first day of mat leave as I was on ‘holiday’ till now) and do you know what, I got NOTHING! no card, no flowers… not like I’ve worked for the company for 13 years or anything… I mean I know I was only back for 8 months between maternity leaves and am normally the person that organises things like this but still! Thankfully I’m not an emotional person so I didn’t get upset, it’s now more amusing and as my husband works for the same company but at another branch he is rubbing in how crap they are at any given opportunity, haha!

    Sorry, that was an epically long and pointless comment, but I hope you enjoy the rest of your leave before little fidget arrives!

    • lesbemums says:

      Oh hun! What arses! I’m sorry you didn’t get anything, that’s really odd. If you take your little one into work just make sure you leave a little present behind. lol. Xx

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