Toddlers: Getting Away With Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

The other day, I was eating a cheese sandwich when the toddler came over and took a bite from the end – the other end was in my hand heading towards my mouth. Sitting there is disbelief at his confidence and boundary crossing I carried on with lunch, after all; I was sat on the floor so anything below the sofa is fair game for toddlers right?

The day before that, his first words on the monitor that morning were “MUMMY! POO!”. The week before that, Oscar got a finger in the eye. I’ve also had several occasions in public where T has reminded me that his bowels are on the move or the apple he’s eating is no good for him and is therefore a good projectile or that the woman sat next to him on the bus is “bleugh”. I don’t know about you, but if I did half the things that T does these days I’d either be arrested, sectioned or thumped. How can they get away with it?

It’s bad enough trying to contain or entertain a toddler, but add members of the public to the mix or people you still want to be friends with and you’ve got embarrassment waiting to happen. Most of the time it’s cute or you can laugh it off, but when your toddler runs after random men shouting “Daddy” (true story) it’s hard to know which way to look!


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I’m Not Alone

Thanks to Mark Zukerbuerg I’ve realised I’m not alone in this. There are TONS of toddlers out there wreaking havoc with their parents’ comfort zones and boundary lines.

From their toilet outbursts…

Tell an entire room when they’ve had a poo.

Announcing to everyone that they need “a wee-wee”, no matter where or when.

Ask everyone to come and have a look at their poo, tell a stranger about how Mammy doesn’t wee out of a tail, wipe bogies on Mammys coat or tell the bin men that you love them

To Yours!

Accompany their parents to the loo and watch them as they go……it’s terribly off putting. 

Asking where a tampon went…

From general nakedness…

Strip naked at every public opportunity!

For my girl it was pulling her skirt up in public! Plus honesty when inappropriate, she once told my neighbour her house smelt bad

Eat breakfast/lunch/dinner naked. What is it with toddlers loving being ‘free’?! 😂

To boundary lines being crossed!

Stand inches away from someone’s face staring while they are trying to eat

Eden has got into the habit of pointing out noses randomly. Usually on other kids. She wanders over to them and greets them by posting at their nose and shouting “NOSE!”

Sit there trying to eat the dogs toys


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Whack people on the arse and run away! Https://

Lifting up a top to point out their belly button to strangers

Poke people’s bottoms and say “that’s your bum crack!”

Needing to ‘cheers’ anyone quite forcefully whenever they have a drink at the same time as you!

We bumped in to an acquaintance when we had our daughter. Their son, 2, kept reminding me, over and over, that I have a vagina. Also, he had a penis. As he kept telling me. Pretty sure that would just be strange as an adult.

Crying over the wrong shape sandwiches or cup colour

Being outside doesn’t even stop them!

Spontaneously fall asleep whilst eating, shopping, in public…

Look expectantly at people after walking across the room, waiting for praise and applause.

When I brought my son a new pair of shoes, he clomped around town shouting ‘new shoes! new shoes!!’ I’m certain I would get a few looks if I did that

Give a running commentary on a stranger getting undressed in the swimming pool changing room

Doing to the supermarket dressed at Batman !

How about ‘go to the shops dressed as a unicorn’ or ‘answer the door with no top on’

It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone, but it still doesn’t stop toddlers being able to get away with the most inappropriate behaviour!

What things do your toddlers do that you can’t get away with?


8 thoughts on “Toddlers: Getting Away With Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

  1. Jenny @ thebrickcastle says:

    You barely touched on mealtimes. I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to completely disassemble my food into component parts and then only eat half of them, while flicking something off my fingers across the room 😀

  2. Zoe says:

    It’s like dealing with a drunk dwarf! You don’t know what they will do next! S’s favourite at the moment is to tell strangers whether that have a Vagina or a penis. Not sure I’m so happy he’s learnt about body parts now!

    Also. His daddy is in the military. Any time he sees someone in uniform he shouts “DADDY” as loud as he can.

    • Kate Everall says:

      Drunk dwarf. Haha. That’s quite sweet re his daddy – at least yours has a reason. My toddler calls most men grandad or daddy. Hahaha

  3. Pat the Mum says:

    Using the table on their high chair more as a launch-pad than a lunch-pad: check a thousand times over. I was told that it was something they had to do instinctively as their brains try and work out distances and throwing and what have you. But why does it have to be the food I spent ages making?

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