Milestones: Help! We have a Threenager.

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Kate Everall

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  1. I’m no expert (not a mum) but work with children. I’ve found that sometimes giving them a name for what their feeling can help, i.e “I understand you’re angry/frustrated etc, then, can we do it together/change it/help etc” With the dog lead maybe grab different items and attach to other toys, like ooh I’ve put this ribbon on teddy.
    It doesn’t always work, but I’ve found it does more often than not. Sorry if that’s sounds ‘preachy x

    1. Kate Everall says:

      Hi. Not preachy at all – I appreciate the time you’ve taken to comment. Thank you. We tend to address his feelings or ask what he’s feeling, so that he knows the name for what he’s feeling, but I like how you’ve incorporated it into a situation. I also LOVE the distraction method example you’ve used there – I will definitely try that next time. Thank you, again. x

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