Review: Cornish Whispers. 

Our home is definitely where the heart is. It’s where we show people who we really are. What we like. It’s a place where we show our best family photos and where we are most happy.

Nowadays our home probably looks more like a shrine to our son, what with the mountain of toys and clothes we’re “collecting” – not to mention photos – however he made us the proudest people alive when he arrived. A family.

Over time we’ve collected memories and artefacts; from holidays to certain events in our life and his. Metaphorical trophies and awards. Every day we add to the pile that needs to framed and put up on a wall somewhere, or into his keepsake box.

As cheesy and disgustingly corny as it sounds, we really enjoy making and then storing memories.

Cornish Whispers are a family business run by Husband and Wife, Adam and Emily. They too enjoy capturing the essence of family, and create handmade and personal gifts for the family.


From bespoke party favours and invitations, to wooden artwork ranging from plaques to fairy doors, they create beautiful pieces of art; handcrafted with their own personal touch.

When we were invited to shop with them, we instantly chose one of their gorgeous family tree wall pieces.


Priced from £25.00 you can have up to six names (further names are £5 each) placed within a handcrafted tree, finished within a connecting frame.

Choosing what style of wood you would like means you can design it around your home. We chose aged birch, however there is a choice of Mahogany, Oak, and Walnut.


Other options include further engraving, or different artwork sizes. Delivery is surprisingly quick, and the item is securely packaged.

We really like this piece (especially as it smells amazing) and have placed it our lounge, however I’ve seen others place it in their garden which is a wonderful idea.

Photos will always rank highly in our home, but something a little bit different, a little bit quirky, is always a win on our home as well.


We were offered a hand crafted family tree to the cost of £25 for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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