Mum IS The Word

Women have been having babies for thousands of years. It’s a fact. But when you have your baby, you naturally feel like everything you’re feeling is new and different, and that no other woman could have felt like this, or done that. You think it’s just you.

You worry about your baby and whether you’re doing everything right, and you doubt yourself constantly. You worry it’s just you.

But it’s not.

When a mum asks me the question “How is everything?” or “How are you?”, I often verbally spew my guts everywhere (I apologise if I’ve done this to you) – mainly because they’re the first human I’ve seen outside of my family and S! When chatting, I’m secretly hoping to see the nod of understanding and more often than not, I do see it. I soon then realise that what I’m feeling is completely normal. My worries… Normal. My anxieties… Normal.

Hearing stories from friends and family about what crazy stuff they got up to during the first few weeks of motherhood, as well as how they coped with being a new mum, is the best medicine at the moment. It feels great! I laugh, I cry, I understand. It makes me realise that others have felt the same.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m now looking forward to regularly meeting with mums at my post-natal group every week. We may not have anything in common personally, but what we do have in common are our experiences and our babies.

If you’ve recently joined or will soon be joining the mum club I highly recommend speaking out as early as possible. You are certainly not alone and you will find that everyone has felt the same as you at least once during motherhood. Knowing that will feel great.

If you don’t have any post-natal groups around or other mums nearby, go online! We are so lucky to be living in an age where we can find someone to talk to any time of the day. Whether it’s one-to-one on Twitter, or a Facebook group, you will find the help you need.

So don’t go to Dr. Google – speak to another mum!


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