Maternity Leave

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Kate Everall

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  1. nikster1979 says:

    How wonderful that you have this time before the baby arrives! Enjoy the reading. I really liked A Casual Vacancy.

    1. I feel bad some days when I don’t have much to do as I feel I should be working (and then extending my maternity leave) but then other days, when I’m in pain, I’m grateful for the time off. I can’t win. Lol. I guess I should be grateful for the time off as I won’t have it for a while. lol.

      I’m just getting into the book, it’s good so far.

  2. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    Will you please come and clean the extractor fan above my cooker too please? It’s the one job that enthusiasm for eludes me…

    1. Haha! I don’t do anything fancy – I just soak mine in a hot sink of washing powder and rinse if not too bad.

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